Auto Breeding Costs

Is the current cost of auto breeding 180 egg tokens? Should it be charging 220 for auto breeding? Maybe im not aware if some rising cost the higher you breed…i bred pyrochis this event ( cost was 180 egg tokens per auto breed)…then started stormhiem (and was charged 220 per auto breed) is this common or a bug

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I think its because of the token reduction that was placed a while back… maybe storm is more because it’s a mythic…

But the powers that be the forum gods should let u know for sure lol

400 eggs/ cycle, without discount.


Correct, it 20 tokens per breed so 400 per auto-breed, at full price.

The discount is determined by the tier of the parent dragons. Pyrochis’ parents were likely Garnet (55% discount) while Stormheim has emerald parents (45% discount).

Whether or not a dragon is mythic has no influence.


Thanks for clearing it up

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