Auto Fight Feature

I’ve seen some people posting pictures showing an “this map supports auto fight” message, but I can’t get it to appear for me. I’ve even seen a video of someone using it. Does anyone know anything about it? I can’t find it in settings. Or I keep missing it.

Auto flight has only been released to a certain wave of people so far which should be why you don’t have it :+1:

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Ah, ok. Any idea when it will hit the rest of us?

Don’t know right now but I’m fairly sure they’ve said they will be releasing more waves of it for other players.

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Ok, thanks!

I was lucky enough too get it and it is useful for a couple of things. The bad part is you can’t use any spells or hit any monuments while the Auto Fight is on - it will turn Auto Fight off. But it is great for mindlessly soaring through an XP base while you do something else. It is also good for launching bait attacks for wars. Outside of that I can’t think of why they added this. There is so much more in the game we need so much more than this.

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I have been able to use spells without it turning off. However, the instant that you go to fire a regular shot it turns off. For me since it doesn’t hit monuments, I don’t use it except very rarely.

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You aren’t missing much . Not very useful. Nice gesture, but I don’t use it.

They should’ve given this to me, lazy people sound like the best tester’s for this feature.

I think they have changed it. I tried it today and you can hit spells without it turns of - so it’s a semi auto attack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

also I could hit a monument turning the auto off, and then turn it on immediately afterwards in the same run for the same dragon.
but again, not much auto, you still need to take an active part in the attack :smirk:

They haven’t changed the AutoBattle feature- what you are experiencing is what the feature is enabling for now, which is usage of dragon spells while still on auto, but having to turn auto off when you need to hit monuments. :slightly_smiling_face:

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