Auto-kicking members


One of the founding members of our team got kicked off the team because of your auto kick function. Furthermore, he told me & the Officers he would be gone for 2 weeks so he wouldn’t get kicked. As team leader, I want to decide who gets kicked off my team and who doesn’t!!!

I contact you and you basically say you will discuss it in committee?!?! Your help is non-existent!!!


Auto kick should not and cannot be turned off. It takes a LOT to get the auto boot anyway. If someone is going to be gone long enough to go from active to auto kick, just replace them until they get back.

As a leader, you need to start developing the specific type of organization this game requires if you don’t want people auto kicked.


Gosh, I haven’t had any training as Leader! I am new enough that I don’t know where to find the edit alliance description page. I would ask the previous leader but that is who got kicked. Where is that page?


Team meeting hall, the tab with the pencil on it. But you cannot turn off auto kick.


I disagree that auto kick should not be able to be disabled. If a team wants to keep players who dont play for extended periods of time, that should be their choice. The exception should be an inactive leader, in which case I think auto demotion would be a good solution, with the most active officer being auto promoted to leader.


Have to agree it should be there as an option. Sometimes a team may not want players to leave and maybe we want them to get the rewards whilst they are away. Some really active players in a team might go away on holiday for a few weeks and if the team decides to keep they have to deal
With losing wars during this time or at least one member who can’t attack.

I think auto kick should be able to be turned off excluding the officers and leader where an option to demote to member before full auto kick.

I’m sure everyone has different views and I can see how auto kick helps highly active teams but even in that scenario some teams might want to choose how and when players leave


unfortunately, if they have been inactive for quite a while, they won’t get attacked by anyone so its impossible for the other team to get 250 flame points in war battles.

I think a lot of players complained before that a team has about 30+ members inactive. its a bug that time, but still if there’s no auto kick, that will happen again.

if we only have a war battle to like 20 players instead of all members? I think it is possible to disable it, but still, its not a good one to disable auto kick.


I agree with Red, the auto kick is fine the way it is. Any active team would not want inactive players just sitting on their rosters. If a player is unable to play WD for days or weeks, that player is only hurting the team being there. There is no foul to be temporarily replaced until that such member can once again be active.
Also, it that player is not contributing towards events and still able to collect the prizes afterwards… wouldn’t that be unfair to those on the team that contributed to team placement. Last thing this game would need is having these inactive high level players filling a spot on a low level league that would never get kicked and create an unfair advantage against most teams within them leagues.


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