Auto Run for high level dragons Vs Invader Base

Go ahead and flame me tell me this has been brought up a million times in the old forum etc yada yada yada! :unamused:

But this needs to be considered.
Instead of us wasting hours hitting invader base.

Give us an “auto run option” that comes up if our dragon attacking has 20-30M more attack points than the base has defense points.
We still get charged food
Maybe a slight decrease in exp??? (Since we didn’t run the whole base)

This would cut out a lot of monotony associated with the game…

Yes, I grind I do 30-50 runs a day maybe more :thinking:
But it takes hours…
since we know the dragon is going to crush the base anyways it’s kind of pointless to do the run other than waste time and make things boring.

Maybe limit auto runs to 10-20 a day or for every 100 levels you get 10 more… level 300 would get 30. Etc.

I’m trying to have fun playing a game.
25 hits on the same base each day is boring as hell!


That’s what Kinnarus is for.


Even that takes time to watch it run…
I’m talking about just hit auto run instead of attack

Sure why not? Actually instead of that why not every day you log in just click a button and you get max xp x12 (like clicking the check mark on perch dragon). Maybe it’ll also give you sigils and timers and eggs too.

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Why not just give a “click to expert” button then?


They have that one already…
feed it rubies

Better have auto run for everything and stop playing all together. I believe, we should get one in life as well, lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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This post has made my face hurt…

Why does everyone want a free ride to everywhere. You either pay for an uber or you hoof it where you want to go.

Translation. You work hard to make lots of money in life so you can buy what you need, or you work hard in game and walk or run to your destination. Heck even because it’s an invader it’s still more like riding a bike instead of having to hit real players… like when all xp bases started to disappear.

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