Auto Rune Dust Option

A small but useful feature … when opening silver chests we often get runes that we have no intention to use. This is not a complaint about the lack of good runes or rune dust. But when I get “epic poison strikers” … yeah I’m not needing that.

Rather I’d like to see a “convert to dust” right on the opening screen. When I open the runes and I really don’t care for any them they just take up space in the rune registry. Can we have the option to flip it into dust right after opening?

Perhaps a check box or To select the runes to convert and “convert to dust” button just like in the view rune tower.

The default should be to keep the rune so you don’t miss one .

Clearly not a dealbreaker but would save some time.


Please do this PG

Option B might be having runes we don’t want to instantly turn to dust?

I could see a table that lets you auto to dust. Might be easier from an interface point of view .

As an example you have a list of all runes in the rune inventory so you can select “all new trebuchet resist” as an auto to dust. That is unless you want them for some reason .

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How about 2 options when u open a rune chests. First option gives u only dust, 2nd option gives u only runes . This way more helpful and effective

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