Auto-send-to-self email when joining battles

I hate being in the middle of writing an email and being torn between joining a pop-up/banner or finishing my email. Can you please make it so what we had written in an email is either saved in drafts or sent to our inbox if we join an attack or defense? Then I don’t have to rewrite everything. I can just copy the auto-sent-to-me-because-I-joined-a-banner email, paste it into a new email, and continue where I left off.


I agree if it’s saved in a draft that we can copy.

Send-to-self won’t be useful for Android user (like me) since we can’t copy any text in the mail (other than the one we’re writing).

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Not being able to copy text like that would be very annoying!! They should fix that!

I’m on android and I can copy/paste text.
I use SwiftKey keyboard

You must have something else running to allow that then. I have Android, SwiftKey etc and you cannot copy paste text from mails.


Have just installed 3rd parties software (Universal Copy) to copy the text.
Hope this won’t slow down the apps even more

My bad.
We’re talking about copying FROM a mail.
You’re quite correct of course.

I agree that a “saves draft” would be an awesome feature to add. They could live in the sent tab but have a [DRAFT] tag added to the front of the subject so you know it’s not done. Then you could either delete it, or continue working on it.


Yes please!!! It’s very annoying when you’re writing an email, join a war defense, and have to write your email all over again! This especially annoys me because I write long emails! Please do this PG PLEASE

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If I need to defend in war or myself I would “select all” + copy, do my defense and then go back to mails, begin a new one and paste what I saved. Are you not able to do it?

I agree that being able to copy from received mails or chats would be nice.

I also noticed that my keyboard reacts differently ingame, it doesn’t load my personalized words, refuse to start sentences with capitals automatically, doesn’t allow me to bin useless words (and keeps suggesting “attach” instead of attack even though I deleted all attach-like words in my personal dictionary…), a lot of little things like that and commodities that I have outside the game and not ingame.

Is anyone having the same problem as me? I’m on Android btw.

Edit : it used to be fine ingame before, a few months ago. I don’t know exactly when it suddenly ceased to work

Sometimes the pop-ups are too fast to have time to select all, copy, and still have time to press the pop-up before it’s gone.


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