Auto upkeep fails

Fix ur auto upkeep we lost infestructor because ur auto failed i hope u plan to fix this @Arelyna


Happened to us too

I want the lvls back its a feature we was told that would work n it failed

The levels, the gold lost from banks, and the castle guards. Already have a ticket in but in a way I’m glad we’re not the only ones to suffer this, more likely to be rectified.


I was wondering why @forScience was manually paying them earlier this morning lol


We have hella gold to for it i got my ticket in also support gives a lame response

Timers guards lvls and time doing runs to get gold that was also lost the money people spent for timers and for what ur system to fail

We saw this happen to someone else. Turned off auto upkeep and resumed paying manually. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve already opened up a ticket for the engineers to investigate what is going on with these payments failing.


Kinda relieved that I didn’t rely on Auto Upkeep.
(Had autoupkeep set on while paying manually)

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Need a email sent to all and number is #1662194 ticket

Out of curiosity, what did happen?

If it fails to pay it’s supposed to send a failed message and you still get 24 hours to manually pay. (As well as a second attempt at auto pay if I understand correctly)

Did any message go out?

Edit: glad I double checked, I had one 4 hours from expiration. No message went out for us. It had worked successfully 10 days ago.

Sorry Prince, I did search beforehand but only posts from 2018 came up. Didn’t mean to step over your post

No message nothing just a gustav take over was working till today

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Your fine dear figured ill let ya know it was responded to already by pg staff

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It’s all good :hugs: The mods are here to help keep things organized :kissing_heart:

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I know some small teams have lost castles cause of this.


if auto pay is active, no message will send out. we turned all of them off, because our beloved @Kailaa is our rent keeper. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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If it’s disabled are you getting notifications?

Disabled u do auto u dont the whole team only gets its been paid