Auto Upkeep Failure

Since I apparently can’t reply to the other topic on this I’m posting a new one.

I thought this bug was supposed to be fixed?! Apparently the payment failed (though one would think that 100m gold is sufficient to pay upkeep on one T2 castle :roll_eyes:) and no payment failure email sent. And now we can’t conquer the castle because of the pvp shield :woman_facepalming:

@Arelyna any word on when this will be fixed? Or is this just going to be buried under the mountain of other glitches in the game right now?

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The team is looking into this one, but unfortunately, I do not have an ETA at the moment. If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket. If you have, feel free to shoot me the ticket number, and I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

I hope you ( PG) will return these castles to their rightful owner, this is a bad way to lose a property :herb::eyes::herb:


We lost a castle today also, autopay didn’t work.

As I stated above,

@ Arelyna, Ticket number 1671043 sent in by one of our officers.
Thank you

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I might’ve been a bit too angry to think of this when I posted… :sweat_smile:

Oh, I can well imagine it. I’d be pissed off too if I lost castles due to auto keep failing. Luckily the officers on my team are paranoid and did manual payments instead.

Is this really the only solution? Because this is less than ideal :grimacing:

I monitored them to make sure they were all working but hadn’t heard any more about the glitch so didn’t think to manually pay them before pvp went live :persevere: at least it’s only one I suppose and not the four that are all due on the same day :sweat_smile:

They just suggest asking the team to give it back? LOL

I know right?!

But I found one I want!!! :imp: What if it wasn’t lost to auto upkeep but just because they’re slackers?!

If we battle for it and take it PG will just give it back?!

@Arelyna if I pm you cords will you let me know if it was due to auto upkeep failure so we don’t waste our time and troops :wink: :rofl:

evil :speak_no_evil:

No worries. PG is apparently giving them back BEFORE PVP event ends. I have screenshots of a castle that’s been unowned for 2 todays and now it isn’t.

One of ours was taken this morning…

… but given back tonight.

Thank you @Arelyna

We lost a castle.
but not restore now.
Please Fix the problem quickly.
Ticket number 1673620

What happens to the teams that are not aware that Auto upkeep castles will be returned?
Are they simply out of luck on the troops/time, gold, and timers or diamonds they spend upgrading the infrastructure?
They got glory, so its all good?


You mean the team that took over the castle that failed to upkeep? That is a very valid question