Autobattle Bug Fixes!

Hey all,

Good news! We have a couple bug fixes to announce that will be live as of March 15th when you update to the new 6.80 client. Autobattle no longer overkills boats and other destructibles. Whew! Got that sorted!

We also added a setting that keeps Autobattle “locked.” When this setting is checked, tapping on the screen will now not turn off Autobattle. No more accidentally turning off Autobattle!

Hope these gameplay fixes help you in your ongoing battles! Check out the GIF below to see the boat overkill change.

Autobattle Demo_2


Sorcerer fliers will love Autobattle Lock.


I already love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What about when a tower has a tiny bit of gray health left from the mythic perch warrior shield buff. Currently, auto-battle will ignore the tower and not finish killing it off. Is that fixed?


Unfortunately not, that’s a tricky bug to fix, but we are looking into it. Autobattle Lock will still let you take manual control to finish off grey health buildings. It automatically goes back to autobattle after you’re done instead of turning off.


Oh nice. Thanks!


Awesome! :grinning: :+1:

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Very very very very very very… x1000 more times … very happy about this.
To celebrate this glorious change can we get Monarch stones for Kinnarix so we can properly enjoy this amazing fix? :grin: :grin: :grin:

What about the bug where autobattle will stop attacking towers under the warrior perch shield?
Edit: Just saw Caelym’s response above


I asked about this above. Here was the reply:


I actually had an issue with the boats earlier too, so glad that’s fixed. Small thing but like it’s new accuracy!


Not aware of that issue, lemme look into it.


Fantastic :smiley:

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Once you get bigger and start encountering a lot of bases with mythic warriors on perches, use Sorcerers who kill with breath damage, and this is easily found. :wink:

:arrow_up: This is why we have always loved having Sorcerers with some kind of target spell, as even regular swiping will not target such towers.

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Not a good idea, you won’t be able to get drops on auto pilot while watching tv

Why not? They didn’t say they wouldn’t target monuments or boats anymore, just that it won’t spam more attacks than needed.


I’m not saying i don’t enjoy the auto-battle option when flying for gold, or completing quests, nexus i use the option every day. Flying, turning auto on & off asneeded… And I’m not trying to be insensitive to our one-handed players.

But why then don’t we just have the auto-battle hit the correct spells as well? How much easier can we make attacking when the skill comes from our personal touch?

From someone that has been playthings for quite a number of years, knowing how/where to attack is were the skill comes into the battle. Hitting the correct spells, and tapping/ swiping to attack the towers you need to take out 1st…
Not a computer doing all the work for you.

If a person wants a more direct attack to the towers that should be why they use their fingers on screen, and not have a computer do it for them.

And how about those that like taking out the destructables to get the small resource rewards? When 1st started, they were a great help. Even today i usually take out everything i can to cause massive destruction & get massive rewards.

Just my two cents.

It doesn’t say it isn’t going to hit them anymore, it says that hunters aren’t going to unload half an ammo clip to kill 1 boat now. 1 ammo shot per boat or monument, not 6+ like before

As for the rest of your post… what does this have to do with anything? If you dont want to use autobattle then just dont use it, you arent being forced to use it


Heck yeah! Thank you very much for this fix!


Auto-battle lock could be an absolute game changer for Sorcerers! :star_struck:


Auto battle works mostly for Sorcerers. When using swipe attack (no spells) your control of which towers are targeted is very limited. It’s more area specific than tower specific.

When using autobattle which towers are taken down first is random. The disadvantage that sorcerers had until now was that unlike hunters that have both tap attack and tap spells sorcerers on the other hand had to rely on longer circular swipes AND tap spells.This makes it a much slower transition.

So I don’t see autobattle as ‘doing the work for you’ it definitely helps fix a major weakness that Sorcerers have but it still retains an element of randomness so vigilance is still required and you still need the skills of cycling spells at the right time.