Autobattle bug?

Have been using autobattle a lot lately and have noticed that bases with mythic warriors on their perches can have towers dragons don’t attack because of the shield.

I have not tested on hunters but warriors and sorcerers on autobattle will stop attacking or not attack towers with the perch shield active.

It doesn’t happen on every island I have mainly seen on island 4/5


Yup, a known issue. Hunters won’t attack either with auto battle. It is as if the auto battle sees grey bar as about to be killed so it doesn’t attack.


:thinking: known issue that doesn’t get corrected…guess those visuals in the armory were far more vital to game play and longevity.

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Been this way for some time, sometimes it works other times got to hit the leftover and hit auto again🙄

This bug is the worst with sorcerers, causes many missed towers. hopefully it gets some attention soon.

@PGGalileo any way to shed some light on this? Is the team aware? Are there plans at some point to look at it?

It is known, please continue to submit bug reports! Bug reports are the best indicators we have of large issues.


I submitted a bug about this months ago. Autobattle seems to see it initially and will correctly target it. But if the tower takes damage and a spell hits it but doesn’t kill it, then autobattle will ignore it as if it was already destroyed.

Welp this is why I don’t rely on robots to do my job it might help others but I see it just as Zendesk auto responds, I’m pretty sure it works with some sorcerers possibly Krelos but hey that’s normally the dragon I use just because his usefulness

Talking about the sheald how do you get it ?

Mythic warrior on perch gets a shield on 1 random tower.


So I have mehetan on a stand so will that sheald a random tower or dose it need to be one like quasar ?

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Mehaten works fine, I’ve had him on my perch for years


Yep as morrien said. That is also who I use. If you only want the mythic boost and full effect of any rider abilities dont worry about levelling past lvl 31.


Uum and how do I know wich one is the shealded one ?

As it is random for each attack you won’t until you actively defend or watch a replay. Sometimes it changes all over the place and sometimes back to back to back the same tower. It is a random thing though and won’t show on your home base layout. Also it is only for the perch area (3 perches 3 areas)

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+1. I’m also getting this bug. Pretty annoying and kind of beats the purpose of autobattle.

As people said, this happens when the tower gets a grey health bar. I saw it happen specially around Ice Towers (shield) and Farms (when they heal).

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