Autobattle Update! - Official Discussion Thread

Discuss the Autobattle update post below!


Monuments in autobattle sounds delightful!


Atlas and main game have some weird disconnect when it comes to monuments. Will autobattle only hit main game monuments, or will it also work with atlas ones?

This seems like a good opportunity to fix the monuments problem such that healing mark spells also work on atlas monuments.


Much needed update for a long time


I wouldn’t mind this feature and I need it yesterday. Chest farming and token missions are a drudgery


Monuments being added would be great!

Could we also have an auto option for PvE bases? Would make events like Gauntlet and KW a bit less monotonous/mindnumbing as they have really easy PvE bases on so aren’t challenging in the least for anyone mid game and up.


I believe there was a comment about this from PG stating something along the lines of it not being enabled in PvE because not everyone had it so PG didn’t think it would be fair. I’m hoping this means that once it’s rolled out to everyone that we can use it in PvE.

Edit: Here is the post


Thank you!!! :partying_face:


I wills start by saying I’m a legacy grinder that relies on his activity to be competitive!

Ummmm …activity is officially worthless now :man_facepalming:
Slow clap :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
The only advantage activity based play styles have is their activity!

So now all a whale has to do is tap autobattle and let the game match the activity level of a grinder!
My activity is officially worthless it will not offer me any advantage over other play styles!
Chest farming is not supposed to be easy it’s supposed to be hard and requires dedication or at least it used too!
Now it will offer no competitive edge!
On the upside this will give me the free time I need to seek a game where activity is actually valued!
And when the spenders get tired of playing with zero advantage? What then?
When all thats left is spender based play styles and everyone has the same stuff the whales paid for and activity won’t even be an option to set the spenders apart why would they keep spending for no advantage?
They won’t ! They will quit spending and the game will slowly die!

Adding monuments to auto battle! :man_facepalming:

This idea is actually worse than the perches!


Do you really think a whale would grind chests? True whales won’t care at all about this feature. It much quicker and easier to buy packs. Your post seems a bit dramatic.


You still have to start the flight and end it. It’s not like you can hit a button that says hit this base 10x, put the phone down and then walk away. And it won’t do spells either.

I’m a grinder too and I love it. I think you might just be overreacting just a tad.


That’s exactly right they normally wouldn’t but now they can easily!
Activity is pointless here now :man_shrugging:
If your looking for the nail in the coffin this is it ! Lol
The beginning of the end so to speak :rofl:
And yep I will be nice to let autobattle fly for me and then I can use these unlimited xp potions and now I almost have no reason to fly or be overly active :rofl:

Do you have autobattle? Just curious. Because it’s really NOT going to make it that much easier to grind. You still have to pay attention to the phone. If you just set it down, you’re only getting one flight in anyway.


I understand the concept of its use thx and I know where this leads :man_shrugging:
Downhill :+1:

Then you don’t know how it works if you don’t have it.

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Did I say I don’t have it ? Nope! then don’t make assumptions :man_shrugging:

I can’t freakin wait, but please don’t dumb it down to simply hitting a button like raiding in kingdom wars, that takes away a lot of the experience. Autofly where breath attacks automatically target proximate towers and a toggle feature to autocast chosen spells (with random targets for some spells) would be a cool way to fly


I’m glad they are taking the time to fully test and adjust this before fully releasing it


You kind of implied that you don’t when you say you understand the concept. Understanding the concept means you haven’t actually used it. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Either way, I’m done. You are really overreacting. It’s not a hands-off feature. Whales aren’t going to just start grinding because of autobattle.


The concept of how it will be used! It’s not rocket science and most players have multiple accounts… now what are the chances my tiny alt has it ?
Lol yes I’ve used the feature!
So remove packs or any way to spend effectively and see how players react! Lmao
Time or money!
And now my time is less valuable :+1: