Autobreed bug but customer service refuse to compensate and threaten to ban support service when trying to talk to other customers service

During this fortification event i wanted to breed 4 vanguard eggs for my builders hut, so i used autobreed function. i joined a flight invitation half way and went back to continue breeding. i pressed stop when i got 4 vanguard eggs. when finished my upgrading of builders hut and stuff, i realised that my egg tokens decreasing rapidly till almost zero. i checked builder hut i got 4 more vanguard eggs. so i sent support to a ticket. your customer service admit is the game fault and will report to the development team, then your customer service want me to suck thumb for my wrongful lost. when i asked jesum to refer me to someone who have the authority to compensate my ingame lost jesum told me its final. when i send somemore tickets trying to talk to some other customer service staff jesum threatened to ban me from using support ticket function. wow! pg! i understand your customer service is outsourced, but is it refusing to compensate customers wrongful ingame lost due to the game fault is the KPI for the job???

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So obviously, I am not on the Support team. That said, there are a few points I can make here.

  • If you lost something due to a problem with the game, rather than your own mistakes - and you said they acknowledged this - you should be compensated.
  • Spamming Support with more tickets on an issue that the representative marked closed IS the sort of thing that can get you banned from contacting customer service, and is not a good way to get your issue resolved. I know you’re frustrated, but that’s like yelling at the same unhelpful person instead of finding someone who can help you.
  • If you post your ticket number, and tag Crisis and/or Arelyna, they should be able to help you.

thanks, but how to tag them? i’m new to the forum and seldom send tickets too. but this time i think must stand up for this issue because a lot of time is the game problem and customer service agreed but no compensation.


There are really two ways to get in touch with them.

To tag them, you can just put an @ sign before their names - my writing @Crisis and @Arelyna has now sent them a notification that will lead them to this thread.

Or you can tap on your avatar in the top right of the screen, select the envelope-shaped “messages” icon on the menu there, and then select “new message” on the left of your screen. Then you can send a private message to them.

Either way, they will need to know the ticket number(s) associated with your issue (you can find these in the mails between you and Support).

Hope this helps!

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thanks again. i think this dead end customer service is not helping players a lot when it’s obviously the game fault but they will not compensate your ingame lost and you got no place to appeal.

@PGJared sir, please help. ticket number #1760230

I hope you were quite polite with support because the person you just tagged is very busy and does not take kindly abuses towards support or anyone. His Pan is mighty and his judgement implacable.

Just to say that bans from support are very rare, so if you’ve been warned about it you better heed the warning. The rare instances of bans I noticed were always very rude players, not implying you were, just my experience about it.

About your issue, it is a known bug/trick to save time breeding. Start autobreed, join a run, breeding continue. However if you used that trick knowingly you should have known that in general the way to effectively stop breeding in the background is to close the app completely, otherwise it will use all your tokens.
If you didn’t know, I wish you good luck getting your issue resolved.


honestly i didn’t know. i didn’t want to come to forum to trouble anyone until i’m so troubled and stress up by the game. imagine your egg tokens got emptied by the game and customer service told you is the game issue and already informed development team but won’t compensate the lost. i think i’m still very controlled when facing such traumatised issue, lost all your egg tokens in a fortification event and another event away from breeding event. i just want the egg tokens back since they already admit it’s the game issue.

Then I hope you will get your issue resolved. There’s nothing else you can do but wait unfortunately.

Honestly a lot of the time it does or did stop at the appropriate time. So i don’t blame the guy for not knowing. There’s a first time for everything, and this is his first time encountering that bug. You have to spend a lot of time haunting outside channels to know all the bugs.


This is amazing! I don’t have to wait forever for breeding to be done to play the game now! Thank you!

Nowhere in your ticket did an agent say that the game is at fault or that there was an error. The agent explained to you that you need to make sure to stop an autobreed before going into battle as it will continue to do its thing while you’re flying your dragons, and then within 3 minutes you sent us 4 (that I could easily find) messages demanding compensation and escalation, which is why you were warned.


thanks for replying, so do i get my deserving compensation for my wrongful ingame lost of egg tokens?

This is clearly a faulty mechanic that should be fixed. Breeding while you’re flying dragons? No.

You guys in customer service need to understand that your game doesn’t work right a lot of the time, and asking the end-user modify common-sense behavior without compensation on the first-time experience of an issue is bad customer service. If you know of bugs that might be worth mentioning, maybe pin a forum post (not the best option, your player base at large does not come here) or some tab in settings or a button (a better idea) where you can get a breakdown of current bugs and how to avoid them if you aren’t prepared to dole out compensation for these issues.

Give the man his tokens back and take the eggs he doesn’t want. Simple. Instead of wasting your time and your agents time, give them a little bit of leeway to actually do their jobs, which is customer service.


Should 9f stopped before joining it is the posters fault

I feel badly for the OP for his loss, how can breeding continue if they go into battle?


If this happened, then yes there’s a bug. If it didn’t and you lied about it, then I’ve got no pity.


As I’ve never used this so called feature, do the number of completed eggs get reset when reopening the breeding screen?

IIRC, if you reopen breeding screen you can see it still going.


The continu breeding while joined a battle happend to me when in orange tier, got now approximately 600 orange eggs and can’t be used for anything.
I had to lick my wounds, and keep on playing.
Since that moment, I told players to never join a battle while breeding a dragon.