Autobreed vs. single breed vs. claiming offspring

This was probably answered before but does autobreed costs more than single click breeding? Is it exactly the same without any egg loss if autobreed is used?

Also, is it necessary to have a 10 minute animation while breeding (mythic high tier), instead of just claiming an offspring if a required amount of eggs has been reached?

My question here is, what’s the logic behind not having this as a “one click” claimable feature? “Congrats you have enough egg tokens to breed this dragon” - kinda thing would yield the same excitement.

Autobreed is the same cost. Breeding is RNG, though it’s typically pretty close. Anyway, maybe it feels more “epic” or rolll “x” times just wasn’t in the plans. I just set it to the side for a while and check once in a while :joy: . It’d be interesting to have a “Use x tokens” feature, though it’d need to account for other egg fragments.


Autobreed costs the same but you must use in 400 token increments.

There is no set cost for dragons, just a chance per fragment, so yes it’s necessary to go through the system currently.

EDIT: Dannit forsci :joy:

It’s akin to watching paint dry…a monumental waste of time…I have actually started the autobreed before driving home from work and leave it on for the commute lol


I watch it the entire time & count each egg, every time! Just to make sure Auto Breed isn’t getting over on me :grin:


At low levels, using breed can make more sense. But once you get to the gold tier and above where dragons can cost 100k to 200k tokens to breed, clicking the breed button 10,000 times for one dragon vs just hitting autobreed and waiting an hour is much better sense.

I used to count and track the exact number of times autobreed was used but now I can’t be bothered.


Back in the day we didnt even have autobreed, and we had to carry our schoolbooks with twine. Youngsters these days…


I joined an attack seconds after kicking off auto breed, and to my horror found it was still going on in the background. I could hear it continue to click all through the attack, and I had no idea if it was actually going to stop at all.

Needn’t have worried, I was nowhere near finishing any dragons.


I love autobreed - I just start it before I drive off to work and it’s done by the time I get there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just out of curiousity, does anyone have any idea how much actual time it takes to breed a mythic obsidian from start to finish, using autobreed?

Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding what you’re saying but,
Don’t breeding guides provide you with a cost?

Guides give you an approximate cost given the chance to get that fragment. Over a long breed that usually works out but it’s never an exact amount (except the ones where only one dragon can be bred - those are exact! :wink: )

Gotcha. Can tell the breeding guide I use has never failed me. Lol. Thank you.

Um I did some really rough math and I got 28.2 minutes.
Rhy=225 500 tokens
assuming each autobreed takes roughly three second(it probably takes more)
Don’t take my word for it tho

When I breed several Dragons with the same number of fragments needed with autobreed, I watch the egg appears and the count of fragments to see which one will win the race :eyes:… Also I look for oddities like all 20 eggs the same kind so I can take a screenshot :smile:

But to be honest, I am myself an oddity :joy::joy::joy:

However it would be nice to have an option “research eggs” so your autobreed is not stopped after each research egg found…

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Autobreed only stops if you haven’t hatched that egg yet - so go hatch them and you’ll be fine…

It stops whenever I complete an egg already hatched a long time ago, I’m referring to Gold eggs so it’s… Mrblh… Lumen eggs? From Mune and Garzev… I have had Lumen for months…

It goes “full egg” the first time then it ask me to continue autobreed each time… I could exit the breding screen but then I have to use 20 tokens to be able to autobreed again…

Wierd - shouldn’t stop then? It should just keep going and count the total completed eggs you have?

Wasted some tokens testing this for you but I was more than happy to. :joy:

So I hit autobreed and it didn’t stop when egg completed. See screenshot. It just kept merrily going along and counted the total completed eggs I had.

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I will try again next breeding event, but since I began research eggs it had always been that way, stopping at one research egg completed, then “grinding” to get more, it was not automatic…