Automatic account banning

Hi there, been playing about 6 months, new to the forum.

Seems PG has instituted automatic ban software on accumulations of rubies (new alternate account purchased value pack 4b, automatically banned due to large amount of rubies appearing on low level player)

I’m sure it will get sorted out as I have already sent receipt to PG but while I wait for a “specialist” to look into this issue I will spend a day or two banned. TY PG.

Meaning of this, if you buy packs for alt accounts, beware!

How can they know it’s an “alt” and not just a new player? If they offer the “alt” a pack and you buy it, I don’t see how it can cause you to be banned.

We can’t gift any longer, correct? Wasn’t a 3rd party website?

Think we’re on different pages.

I have two accounts, and when I purchased the large value pack on my new account (level 14) I triggered some sort of flag being that it had 35,000 rubies at level 14.

I hear you but my point is if they offer a level 14 a value pack with 35k rubies in it, that shouldn’t trigger any kind of flags. I don’t remember that far back

I thought maybe if you were using two accounts on the same device or something that causes the “bleed over” or back when you could gift team mates (and alts) value packs.

Hopefully they’ll straighten you out.

You wouldn’t think so but something triggered the second they delivered the rubies. It was instantaneous after signing Apple ID to complete the purchase. Pretty disappointing that they wouldn’t have made it expectable for someone to buy their product? Only thing I can imagine is that not many level 14s drop that type of money on their account and the amount of rubies was recently increased to 35,000 (believe it was slightly lower before).

send a ticket to support

Already sent. Like I said above, it was escalated to a “specialist” more than likely an employee with the ability to judge and unban rather than a simple CS employee who’s job is to solve simple issues and does not have the ability to unban/restore any items or experience.

This is untrue. I’m not sure where you’re getting information that would lead you to believe purchasing a single value pack 4b would provide enough rubies to get your account banned.

I was led to believe this because otherwise it might be odd to be banned simultaneously while purchasing something. Unless it was a coincidence. In my ticket is attached receipt and I consent to discussing whatever caused this on the forum.

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I have a feeling you asked LC for advice on this didnt you…

I wish I had! There isn’t much convo going on in lowest level bronze though :confused:

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