Automatic bubble on newly conquered castles

What if newly conquered castles had an automatic bubble popping up after the conquer.
The bubble could last for a week? a month? Not possible to take it off by the current owner.


  • Making it easier for smaller teams to hold on to a castle for some beasthunting and other perks for a limited time. When the time runs out, go find another castle to fight.

  • Will reduce some of the stress for defending 24/7. And time to build some decent defence, if the team chooses to keep the castle after the bubble’s time is up.

  • Will make it possible to get to deeper castles. Bubble five castles (own them) and you will have access to the 6 bubble-deep castle for a week (or month or whatever…)

This would be ridiculously easy to abuse


Im sure it would.

But please explain how?

So u cant conquer a castle back like 1 months
So some team with a lot of castles can have their bubble up by swap castles with allyand they can basically don’t lose it forever
This is just too easy to see it’s flaw


You cannot take back the castle in a week/month no. But you can take another one…so i dont see why thats a big problem really. But yes, if you see that as a negative thing than that’s a fair point.

I don’t think it is as straight forward as that to be honest, but yes it would be possible to do that. But as you cannot decide for yourself when the bubble goes down… its a bit more complicated. Another team might just as well take over the castle if its badly defended whenever the bubble go down.

So what if everyone do it
Atlas will become a complete no glory zone
This is just getting more andmore stupid so im out

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Take care then.

I’ll just surrender all my castles to an ally and then reconquer them. For a month, they’re bubbled and I can just do whatever I want, not having to defend my castles, no one can hit me back, etc.

That is, till everyone on the map does the exact same thing. Castles never change hands. No one can hit each other. Atlas comes to a screeching halt.

A freshly conquered castle can bubble immediately for its normal length of time (ex: 24hrs for a t2), assuming troop loss occurs to cause the bubble. Ample time to plan how to fortify or clear it.


You would have to make sure your ally is there to take the castle though… But yes. As i told Dream i do understand the issue.

I think you might underestimate the length people would go to make sure their assets stay safe - so although it sounds ridiculous for people to deploy that tactic others are talking about, I’d say it’s extremely possible, and likely to happen


I dont really think it sounds ridiculous. I had it on my mind even before i posted the suggestion. I dont think its as easy and straight forward as they make it sound however, but im certain people would try, and succeed in doing it. But mabe there is a way to get around that problem as well?

Alot of complex problems have an easy solution to it… you just need someone green enough to suggest it…as the experienced ones normally have a tunnel vision in those cases…making their thinking too advanced.

If all “stupid” ideas are turned down in an instant, you might just miss out on one of those simple solutions.

Having someone inexperienced come with the basic, and let the experienced ones make it usable often give great results.

Thats my experience from my own life anyways… I often get questions and suggestions from trainees myself that i never even thought of in my 20 years doing what i do. 99% might be shit…but 1% is golden.

You can already bubble straight after taking a castle. It’s a broken game mechanic imo. Basically, right after a castle is lost or taken is one of the more active times to be fighting on that castle. It’s ridiculous that there’s not a cool down period immediately after a conquest.

A system like this would put an end to fighting for castles. Basically, if you can’t hold it, don’t take it.


Not sure if it such a great idea but u can limit this by it will only work for 1 castle and can only be used once a month own per team that will limit exploit

As bru pointed out, a lot of fights occur post taking a castle to try to take it back when it’s vulnerable, so the bubble will ruin that

You also won’t be able to protect it well, because most likely, people will spam low troop prims on the castle to block you adding guards, and if you’re bubbled, that means you can’t even attempt to clear them

So, you would have no guards for however long that bubble lasts, and no means to clear the prims to add the guards (unless you drop the shield if that’s an option, which would trigger a cooldown, which would make you vulnerable too)

It’s a lose situation imo


wont matter since folks like to constantly bring 400 troops or less just to stop guards so it becomes a fight to kill the 100 to 200 prims off just to add guards

That’s what I’m saying - people will bring those low count prims, if you have a shield, you’ll have to drop it to clear, which puts you on cooldown and has you vulnerable to having the castle taken

And even if you don’t have what the suggestion entails, they’ll still bring those prims, but atleast you’ll have more control over the situation


100% agree so changing will not help unless pg changes the way you can add guards!

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I’d rather see a castle force CD whenever someone takes it

Another great game mechanic :smiley:


Yay more exploiting and stagnation