Automatic pay upkeep

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Could PG please implement a system to help teams pay their upkeep automatically (like when you have a bank account with annual fee, they charge you automatically. if you dont have enough fund, they will lock down your account until the balance is paid)? Or at least have a system mail to send out to Governors and officers of team to remind them?

It’s a pain to have like 10+ islands to keep check on… I can’t imagine how much pain those teams with more than 30 islands to pay upkeep :nerd_face:


I’m thinking about making upkeep a single, global cost. You can pay it from any bank, but you have to pay it for ALL land you own. This makes it easy to pay, but also punishes (or perhaps prevents) overexpansion.


Can you elaborate please?
so how does it work with a lv2 fort in one island and a lv3 fort in another island?

The current upkeep costs would be simply added together. You’d pay upkeep as one big lump sum, instead of choosing to pay one island now, another tomorrow, etc. We’d probably have to arrange for upkeep to be paid from across all the team’s banks, since it could grow to a large value.

That would be perfect. In our banking system, we consider all the gold in in all of our banks as Federal Reserves. The only bad part is we have to send gold from one bank to another if we don’t have enough in that island.

Cool. Just like real gold :-).

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So, if you dont pay it all, does EVERYTHING shut down?


Interesting… Never thought of this situation…
In addition to that can we have the system send out automatic mail to remind officers/governor please prior to 24hr of the due date?

While I like the change as I believe the game should be friendly to use, and automate trivial magement tasks; I’m wondering if removing burden from having lots of land goes in the right direction. (Admittedly I don’t think this change will be a determining factor in having more land or not, but this would remove a burden)

Yes @Panda.

@Dakhunter that sounds like a nice addition.

if we have a 24-hr notice, I think it would be no problem to save all the gold for upkeeps (unless you spent all on infrastructures already)

@PGDave Not sure how much work it would be…maybe toggle it where you can select which ones you want to pay?

Relinquishing ownership is probably the best path in that case (which can be done via current mechanics – abandon the island and have an ally take it). (Upkeep costs would probably be pro-rated so that upkeep cost is proportional to how long you control a territory.)


I think this helps stop over-expansion a bit.

Question if you take over a zone currently, and pay no upkeep,

Does the zone bonuses stay active?

Be sure that a bank can hold all that gold

I think @PGDave’s idea is to pull all the gold from all the banks you have to pay for the upkeep
Per say, if you have to pay 3.8M x 20 islands = 76M gold. I doubt we can withdraw all from one bank :sweat_smile:

@Gox1201 If you allow upkeep to lapse, then you do not get bonuses from the castle and its infrastructure until you pay upkeep and it comes back online (takes 72hr).

Thanks, I take it that means zone bonus eg.shards as well? Also as long as you dont build an hq there is no upkeep payable, yet seems to give shard bonus?

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Yes, shards too. Good point about the level zero HQ loophole … you can’t upgrade anything with a level zero HQ, but you will get some benefits by virtue of simply owning the territory. The lack of upkeep cost for level 0 castles should go away.