Avatar suggestions?


I have some ideas for new avatars, if anyone is interested? I might even draw them out if people like them.


Much better idea than old Avatar…
Draw 'em…


I’ll see what I can do on Sketchpad


On one hand, I only have it on my phone. On the other, this is a phone game, so . . .


I’ll join
Maybe we all can have fun and draw perfect avatar for ourselves and post it here?
So PG will see,what exactly we will love to see?


I actually know a few, but sadly they are copyrighted. Want links?


Expecting original arts, disappointed.

If it’s copyrighted, there is 0 chance of it to happen…


I can try :slight_smile: I just don’t have the best drawing apps


Honestly I’m not the best at drawing faces either. I just have ideas with no way to get them out of my head :sob:


Just try :wink:
Practice makes perfect.


I have almost finished atlas rider art
Unfortunately I can draw only with pencil,have no clue how to do digital art


And I still have abandoned Pathox :see_no_evil:


I can give you guys some hilarious art I drew for an old D&D character if you’d like?


@Dari @OrcaFrost I don’t own a scanner, so this is a shitty pic taken with my phone. But you get the general idea.

My D&D Modern character, loosely inspired by Night Vale:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::see_no_evil: they must hire you


I can try to work on something,using this idea if you want


Yes please.


@Dari make it the shittiest mask possible. Like, made from a paper plate or something :laughing: And that’s a sign around her neck.

And I’d get it free if it became a real portrait, right? It being my idea and all.


I’ll draw it with paper bag on his head


@Dari I like the paper plate mask better. And it’s a her, note the nametag (although don’t use it, it’s a Night Vale reference.)