Avatar suggestions?


@Dari Does editing in an @ even work?


I’d love to join in on this! Unfortunately, I’m not that good at drawing people. I’ll just ask my friend if they want to join this


My terrible attempt at coloring it in:


C’mon people everyone knows the best drawings come from MS Paint.


I know, right? :smiley:


As long as no one uses my ideas without permission and they let me have the avatar and a badge I’m happy.


Professional artwork :clap::clap::clap:


This was my submission for the new Dread portrait. Im hoping it’s added in game soon.


That’s a great idea, I’d like to make a few custom ones. Maybe a Dark Druid and Ra, and other Egyptian Gods, maybe even Norse and Green Gods and Goddesses.

I’ve always been a Druid Fan, maybe someone can Draw a Forest Scorceror that looks dark and twisted with elemental powers and a claim to the spirit of the Earth.



I at least came up with a new idea


Do you mean Greek?


Not sure if that’s autocorrupt or just a really odd typo LOL


Yep Greek.

Samsung autocorrect is evil.


Okay, I do have one more serious request. The one avatar I would really, really like would be a gorgon.


Is anyone watching this?




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