Average sigil drop from Gold Chests

Does anyone know the average sigil drop from Gold Chests please?

I just got 208 from 10 chests average and was wondering if that was a little low.

And, is there a preferred day to open them, like during treasure hunt, first day of actual event, last day of event etc.


Day doesn’t matter, it’s all in a sequence

10 chests is too small a sample to give any accuracy or relation to an average drop rating. If you get into the 200+ range then you start to see more along the lines of average drops

But I do have an average table in my vault


There you have Chest Drop Rates
And you also have @Morreion Chest drop Predictor


Thx for the fast responses.

I opened 546 Golds for a 208 sigils per 10 average and can see that matches the predictions in Mech’s sheet.


Sorry for being off topic but don’t really know what to do


Open a ticket

Plus there is already this thread for people having similar issues.


You’re probably not getting anywhere because they’re actually working on a fix. I know that’s convoluted reasoning but…PG…

I think an in game mail went out about it. They will probably have it fixed soon-ish since everyone from Gold on up to Diamond has experienced it.


Yes it has happened to many unfortunately. It won’t help you now but I would recommend waiting to open chests rather than open right when an event or season starts. Just too many errors and a long track record of disappointed users. Seeing as we can’t start fighting until later today, I have never had a reason to open immediately (beyond my own impatience).

Good luck


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