Avyx den level requirements

Any particular reason this seasons divines have greater den requirements when their AP is no better than previous divine dragons at their respective level? Pretty fuckin stupid if ya ask me. Sure if they were higher in AP than previous divines I’d say sure makes sense. But they’re exactly the same as other drags, so what’s the deal?

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Well no need to drop the f bomb. And divine should cover it. They are the same as mythics without being mythic but divines are special. Or should be anyways.

It’s probably not different. They adjusted incorrect leveling requirements for obsidian dragons.

But also this season does have more power (you won’t realize it until much higher levels) and that’s why evolve stone levels are slightly different as well

They only have Mythic strength as an obsidian… are the requirements for maxing them at lower tiers higher?

Yep, my den-capped Leos and Avyx are lagging one level behind my autumn divines, which also means they have a bit less attack power. Looking at http://www.dragon-manager.com/dragons I see that a level 9 Gargula and a level 9 Avyx have more or less the same health and AP, but Gargula requires a lvl 63 base, while Avyx needs a level 70.

Tbh, I felt that in orange tier my autumn divines were really overpowering line dragons, so it may not be a bad thing to hold them back a little. My den-capped green dragons now comfortably outperform my winter season dragons, Ettin 14 is stronger than Avyx 6, Hugin 14 is stronger than Leos 6. Which I think is not a bad thing considering a lot more effort went into getting the legendary greens this early.

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Soon it’ll sway the opposite way. Right now (I’m level 90) Leos is den capped at level 19, and the other seasonals are capped at level 17. Not sure how it goes for levels higher than me, though.

You’re right, that is so weird. Looking at the dragon manager listing properly now, and apparently at level 84 I can level Leos and Avyx straight from level 10 to level 17, while the older ones go from 11 to 15 at that level. Also very weird how they gain so many levels all of a sudden at 84, that must make gold line dragons feel almost worthless instantly…

Not really true for older dragons, unless you never grind gold legendaries. Because gold legendaries go from level 6 to level 26 if someone wants to actually grind those dragons. So atleast in raw power, they go above older divines. With two extra levels introduced on this wintertide divines at that level, it essentially discourages players to level up gold legendaries above breedable.
I think its a step in wrong direction, encouraging divines more over lineage dragons again. We need equality here.

PS: I know most players are in favour of divines and i respect their opinion. But don’t do hidden nerfs of lineage dragons like this.

I should look at those dragon stats more, apparently everything below platinum uncaps suddenly at 84. I’m only 55 but I already see that 84 will be an interesting level, suddenly I’ll find out how much excess XP each dragon (divine, gold, and even green) actually built up in the months of being den-capped. Looking at the numbers, expert Consurgens still beats den-capped Avyx by about 25%, but the gap to the old divines was much bigger.

Oh well, a worry for later, I haven’t even hatched any of my gold eggs yet.

I’m near capping my divines in the sapphire tier till I breed a garnet like in the fall maybe :sweat_smile: avyx’s caps still lag behind the other divines.

And yea gold dragons I think were the last regular dragons that could be stronger than divines at their respective caps

Now I could raise my den but I don’t feel I should need to, to have my divines at the same level as each other. I would rather save leveling up my den for some easy points during fortifications

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