Avyx Game Play lvl 19

Avyx Game Play at lvl 19 against a player base, no defense. Not many videos out with him yet so I thought I would knock out a few. Leave your thoughts about Avyx


What are your thoughts on him?

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I surprisingly enough like him. He is way better than I thought he would be. Not sure about a lead, further I progress with him will see. Overall spell set is decent. Talon frenzy does pretty well, great little umfff to his damage.


I only think TF should be white, wouls make him great…! With blue mage and defenders that dragon is a death duck…! Cant event use any spells before mage drained all your rage…!

I agree but I also understand why there are trying not to saturate with a lot of white spells.

quite similar to ettin spell set and if the TF is white then I will love it

It’s not a typical or strong base layout and it seems like you’re wasting a lot of ammo and thus have to cloak permanently to recharge.

Just a few hints:

  • Try to figure out how many shots you need for a tower at a certain level, don’t use more shots than needed
  • You will have more rage for TF and HM
  • Your cloak won’t be on cooldown so it will always be ready to quickly dodge a red mage supershot or projectile shots

I’m curious how Avyx performs vs. a small island with red mage, blue mage, dark flak, fire flak, storm tower and a perch while defended :thinking:

Nice job @DeadlySinsMHS. It does look like Avyx will be a nice dragon. The fact that all his spells are one rage helps. Putting on him rage runes and glyphs might help even more !

All depends of what tower levels are you talking about. Using the TF on the blue mage then using cloack, Avyx would perform as any other hunters. Of course, he’s no Necryx to shield against those fire and flack towers enough to get one rage more, but… I think he’s a decent hunter.

You just CANT use TF is there is a blue mage…!
Small base with blue mage on front, youre screw…!

I dont see avyx as a maindragon to use, maybe on certain base he will, but i see him as a complement after you rape those blue mages at least!

Could do a nice team eith Necryx for exemple!

You can TF and fire from the turn. The shots land before blue can fire and storm shield can protect. Tangu was able to do this with chaos and his first swipe was empowered, it’s even easier to do with a hunter. Firing from the turn is also a great way to deal with mage islands.


On long island, yes, but on the 2 small island with the pearches you cant if the mage is placed like mine…! The blue spell are blovked as soon a you cross the corner

Your blue doesn’t kick in until the dragon faces the island (queue sage thunderstorm flashbacks). In actuality, you blue is in the vision of the dragon for the longest time on the turn and I had plenty of time to tap on it as made my turn. If you placed it on the inside of the turn I would have to wait longer in order to see it :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I do and it works well !
(Keep in mind I’m low level and didn’t test it with defenders on)

To be honest I feel any of wintertide divines so far are weak against defenders, equestor can’t have a frozen rage bar and protect itself when facing higher towers. Really, Pg should make more useful divines for wars. These dragons are all good without defense, but what’s the point if they can’t rock wars? No white spell is all fine, Avyx with galvanic overload is also decent, at least can clean up nicely after sanded.

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Avyx is fine the way it is. I think it is my new favorite. can’t wait for mythic status!


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Or maybe they should just remove the mythic status of all the mythic Obsidians and just go back to the drawing board because besides their stats, nothing about them is “mythic” :expressionless:

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@MikesGoN2GetU I’m very interested in your opinion as a high level player. Could you qualify that statement a bit more? You prefer Avyx over Necryx or other Hunters or just over the Wintertide released so far? I don’t even want any of these dragons as I don’t feel they would make me any stronger than my current Necryx/Kinnarus combo. If they’re not as strong, I just simply won’t use them. I’ll potion Nec/Kinn and just use them as I want to use my strongest for wars (the only thing that matters, really.)

Thanks for the opinion/review

Please don’t say you use kinn to follow necryx :scream::sob::pray:t3:


haha, I can see how that would suck now that you mention it, lol.
Keep in mind I’m only L93 and aren’t yet facing the insane tower levels you are :wink:

But yes, that’s currently my best combo until I can max out Aster. I need a better Hunter with Death Gaze/etc spell to follow with.