Avyx Game Play lvl 19


at your lvl,
Necryx + Necura or Rizar


Avyx might be cool to follow Necryx, would be a best fit then my Borgian i think, but it would be lot better eith a galvanic overload or death gaze spell tho…! Dosnt seem this season will be a good one to find a good necryx follower xd


Rizar has required spell which you are looking for. Though Avyx is also good option. My personal favourite is Enki.


I am at saphirre, those dragon are pretty weak now lol!


No it’s not better than Noc, but more fun to fly. It’s similar to Borg but it’s damage spell is actually useful. I hated white lighting. You had no control with it (can’t follow Nec or, Noc or Hau). Avyx is a beast. I like it. Any HM/cloak dragon is good as long as it has a damage spell. And mini Havocc is better than white lightning IMO.


I had a high level player hit my base with a garnet avyx. My first island is dark flak, red Mage,Blue Mage, storm and archer in the back. It died pretty fast then he got me with his obsidian noctua for what it’s worth…


Disable towers using Nec or Hau and then followup with Avyx. Actually it’s talon frenzy spell makes more sense as followup dragon.


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