Avyx Green Evolve Requirements

I am level 49, I have 2 green epics and 2 green legendaries hatched so far.

Fall season I got Chimmy and he is level 7, evolved to green.

This season I went for Avyx to get a (hopefully) decent hunter. I have bonded Kayla with him (no gear). I just leveled Avyx to level 6, and it tells me I have to level my den to level 14 (currently at level 13) to evolve to green.

Have the requirements for the new seaonal divines been changed to require a higher den level to evolve? Or does Kayla cause issues with the leveling requirements?

I have closed, killed and restarted the app and no change.

I opened a ticket (485972) with support and they told me to go check amoebastudios!

Quite laughable.

@PGJared can you check into this issue on this dragon?

The levels are a bit different it seems, i can get a platinum leo but im 2 levels behind that on the ither divine :thinking: so two DD

Support asked you to check amoebastudios :rofl:
In fact, amoebastudios doesn’t have updated stats for new winter dragons :joy: yet

@PGEggToken please look into this issue

Yeah, I had already checked there.

I hope y’all had a good Christmas. Any chance @PGEggToken or @PGJared could let me know if it is planned that Avyx can’t evolve to green at the same den level as previous divines? Kinda curious and would love to evolve him since he now has the XP to do so.


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