Avyx runes ad glyphs - which did you equip and why?

As the title says - for those who like Avyx, which runes and glyphs did you equip and why?

Applied his special rune that adds frenzy dmg
Everything else basically healing mark
1 rage cause out of healing mark


  1. his frenzy lasts long enough without extra time for me (from blue to blue) and is cheap
  2. healing mark is what makes him awesome
  3. his spells all 1 rage, so don’t feel I need much quicker rage regen

Wisdom rune, until I can get the mythic rune (faster level up).
Currently Ice Turret Resist glyph, because that’s all I can afford right now.
I’d really want healing mark glyph, and wisdom glyph though.

Works for me


I can see the effects of great rune dust shortage 2018.


Anyone finding the legendary rune of the warhawk useful, or better to use only the mythic rune of the warhawk and equip a rage or healing mark rune? I’m not sure if the added duration of talon frenzy is especially useful, since I would likely run out of ammo and cloak for the remaining duration (depending on circumstance of course)…

You only need the mythic. The other spot is best used for healing mark


Thanks! I’ve got a legendary healing mark there now, but I have 4 more so I can afford to dust it if need be.

The two legendary healing mark glyphs don’t stack. You can only stack different grades (e.g. epic and legendary).

If they have different secondaries they will, but if they have the same, he won’t be able to put both on.

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If it fits, it stacks. They won’t let you equip two of the EXACT same rune.

Maxed hunter energy through research works wonder along with talon frenzy damage boost + rider boost + 30% additional optional attack equip.

Use healing mark on monuments in between islands to heal it up fast.

How come your runes aren’t expert? There is no shortage of rune dust (apparently).


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