Avyx Runes: Warhawk or Healing Mark?

I’m finally getting Avyx to the level where he gets healing mark, and I’m unsure about his runes. He currently has the legendary and mythic warhawk runes on him, but the legendary one seems a bit meh, so I haven’t put any dust on it yet. I’m thinking of replacing it with a HM rune (probably just epic, all I have atm), but I’m a bit reluctant to just go and dust an irreplacable legendary rune.

What did you guys with higher level Avyxes do?

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That’s my rune set up…

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Healmark runes are way better than his legendary rune.


I think only the Mythic Warhawk is useful (because it increases the damage), the others only increase the duration and I do not think it is so essential given the limited ammunition.
My Avyx is :
Mythic Warhawk
Mythic Rage ( u can also put a HM rune insted )
Legendary HM Glyph
x2 Epic HM Glyphs
Kayla Full Dark Armor (+12% HP , +15% atk )

Yup only use his mythic one.

You should put That dark armor on Tor instead of you have him, or Grogg. kayla kinda sucks. She more useful naked as a mobile Wisdom rune


i have only expert Grogg ( + all his gears ) and expert Kayla + a complete dark set and its fine for me.

Grogg is on Nec I guess? Well I think the new Rider is another attack based rider :blush:

Yes, him is on Necryx and nope Kayla dont sucks. Until now my Avyx have +12% HP and +15% Atk. How can sucks ??

Mine is very similar

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Kayla as a rider only has 5% attack and 6% health
Tor has 8% and 9%

The armor has fixed stats = X
So which is better
8 or 9% + x
5 or 6% + x?

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ok then, gift me Tor so i will have 1

Here’s my set up for my Avyx

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Legit the exact same as my setup lol

Thanks all you guys, looks like dusting the legendary is the way to go for sure.

I still have mine lol. I rarely dust dragon runes. Who knows, maybe there will be another dragon with this spell someday :laughing: The people who saved their chaos runes were certainly happy with Abrieen (or however you spell it).

Only thing is that legendary rune does nothing except extend the time of the spell. Which for a one rage spell is next to useless. I’m dusting mine.

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Makes sense, but mine is already on Avyx, so it’s either dust it or keep it on.

Ah, yeah, in that case, dust it and add another heal mark rune :laughing: you can’t have too many of those :smile:

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Healing mark runes plus his Mythic rune of the War Hawk is pretty much ideal. Fully runed, Healing mark is an par with or even better than the “Consume” spell you see on Obsidian and Harbinger tier lineage dragons. Being down to almost no health, and being able to almost completely fill it back up for one rage is incredibly useful, and it has NO cooldown. Rune it to the max.