Avyx Spell Layout Suddenly Changed

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From yesterday to today, avyx has changed spell layouts, and it hasn’t gained any levels (level 20 capped).
I much preferred the first photo’s layout to the second layout:


I guess while we’re on this topic, is there any internal discussion of custom spell layouts? I would loooooove this to be a thing so I could have all my cloaks on the same position, etc.


The spell order of Necryx is different between two different accounts (haven’t checked others). Muscle memory betrays me on my small. :woman_facepalming:

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That’s weird. Mine has always been the second one I’m pretty sure :thinking:. Cloak in the middle, ew. They should have spells set in specific positions for every drag.
Edit: saw the bottom, you said the same haha. Don’t see how it could hurt.

Spell positions also changed for me, but on Chimerak. There’s probably a bug or typo in their code. For me it’s not a big deal, but if PG can fix it that would be great.

This is very strange. I think I saw something similar on another dragon a while ago, maybe it’s a glitch? Anyway it’s a big one.

You would not like your steering wheel changing side in your car would you? Same with Dragon spells (especially when they decide to play hide-and-seek and get greyed out and unresponsive… )

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I think the spells are sorted by some condition. Firstly is the rage cost i believe. I wonder if damage or something is the second and it’s a matter of upgrading a rider or adding buffs etc.

Avyx is not the only one. This has happened to me with as well. I guess we can’t fly from routine anymore

Can‘t they just put Cloak at the very bottom on all dragons no matter at which level the dragon learns it please?
Really annoying when it‘s always somewhere else when you need to tap it fast :see_no_evil:

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I actually prefer cloak to be the second to the bottom spell, with the bottom-most spell being the most often used spell (in this case frenzy). I definitely see the reasoning behind your preference though!

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Yeah I meant not just for Avyx but for all hunters because basically all of them have Cloak and you wouldn‘t want to search it everytime swapping from Avyx to Nec to Noc.

Level 7 ember and level 5+ enki have the cloak and death gaze flipped. It would be nice if we could customize the order of buttons or have a standard position for cloak.

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