Avyx-unexpected beast

Ok, let me clarify the title. I’ve been saying a lot about Avyx. Before and after he came out I repeatedly said he may just be the worst dragon this season. Since it’s a hunter it wasn’t long before I got it to see how it performs. If I had to describe it now I’d say excellent. Now I know this may not be the most impressive fly by you’ve ever seen, but here’s a replay of how my Avyx performs currently.


*anxiously awaits replay…*


You were lightning fast

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Shiet sorry. Of course it’s like me to forget to add the most important bit​:joy::joy::joy:

ITS UP! Jesus did that take a while😂

a lvl 6 avyx? is that what i just saw a video of?

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aha what do u want to show us with such a video exactly?
i can not see that „beast“

Why is showing a shield and not healing mark?

That’s an equipped spell :slight_smile:; Avyx isn’t a high enough level to unlock the last two spells that come with it.

Cuz he is lvl 6 and dont have HM haha…! It is useless doing a video of a lvl 6 divide with only half his spell on an XP base…!

Avyx seem pretty much the best choice as a follow-up dragon unless they release a beast in the warrior tomorrow…!

What make Avyx good is that he dont ruin any strategie with an AoE spell…! He can target tower 1 by one! The only concern is : is TF strong enought to take down 4 farm max lvl if he is max lvl?

Max level avyx can 3 tap level 50 farms with talon frenzy.


Sweet! If the warrior is not up to my expectation, he could totally fill the “finisher” spot in my team! As much as I like borgian, his TBolt is not that usefull against farm! But well…!

Is this with talon frenzy on?

Yes it is, I’ll go edit to make it more clear.

Another quick topic I noticed about Avyx is that his damage is way over 150% with talon frenzy. Damage without = 39590, damage with, 77175. More than 50% added on? That is way more than the 19795 that should be added on.

Runes? 10 10 10 10

No runes except for the epic which only boosts duration.

What do you mean damage? How do you know its damage numbers? If you are talking about Attack Power (AP), then that’s just a formula (I’m sure @forscience knows what it is or at least if it exists) that takes into account the rarity and level of runes equipped. It is not representative of actual damage caused per fireball the dragon fires.

I haven’t really gone digging for how attack power is calculated, just because it’s not necessarily the most useful thing. I haven’t watched damage numbers (red, pop up from towers), but if what Cutieheat posted is accurate (even 1.8x would only be 71,262), maybe research/rider is boosting it more somehow :thinking: - speculation and would be odd.

The numbers are accurate. They’re damage numbers I’ve observed repeatedly when flying him boosted. I’m not sure about the difference unboosted. Also the video was just to show that Avyx can (at level 6) 100% halo which even the exp base god itself kinnarus couldn’t do. In reality I’m flying bases between 300k-500k with it unboosted (108k power) I’m pretty sure there’s a part in the video on the middle island where the last shot is taking out a cannon is not boosted by talon frenzy right next to a shot that is where those damage numbers pop up.