Avyx-unexpected beast


27 heals :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Yeah awesome lv 6 beast :joy::man_facepalming:t2:


Ok I’ve rewatched your video - the reason the damage number of 39590 is because that is a level 20 cannon which has 99,983 before research. I’m assuming Halo has research done so the HP of that tower should be closer to 116k (16% HP boost if Green research done). That approximately corresponds to the damage numbers you see (77175 + 39590 = 116765).

Next time don’t frenzy a farm, hit it a few times to see what the damage numbers are.


More than me :confused:






انا ليه مش عارفه افتح اللعبة

انا اخدت بان ولا ايه ، وليه ؟


أرجو الرد علياااا

انا ليه اخدت بان من فضلكم ساعدونا



Use that link to make a ticket and plead your case if you haven’t cheated or violated ToS.

Stop account ..unclear

Not sure that a video of a level 6 dragon is quite enough to sway my vote…lol


Sorry for the ages I took responding. Damage numbers don’t differ too much. Right now Avyx is level 10 and hits for 57k unboosted by frenzy, 124k boosted by frenzy. Point in question stands. Talon frenzy is broken as hell.


What’s your vote? (unrelated to a level 6 anything lol)


Still stuck between Avyx and keeping saving for the second rider for the slight possibility for a specific combo of rider (ice defense specific lol)


I’m in the same boat. Going to wait to see what that second rider is like before spending any more sigils.


Were u able to figure out the reason for this? It aroused my curiosity so i thought about it and it would be somethin like 1.0(base) + .5(TF) + .3(item boost) + .05?(TF rune) this would be 1.85 and its about 10% short of said damage output. I imagine this extra 10% comes from research building, or there is a total of .15 buff with TF runes…also must factor in debuffs -(totem debuff + perch resistance). Just curious if you found the missing variable.

…here is the possibility of what is missing, the only way i can see this 8% not completing the formula is if damage is not secondary and applies directly to base before battle. The research that applies directly to base, i believe, is “attack” and not “damage”… attack research applies to dragons base attack before battle like a rider while damage research applies as a secondary buffer when battle starts. Just my theory anyway…


Smart… i would do the same but i have built my defense to use fire and wind elements so id only benefit from ice battle gear for zam.


Doing the same thing bro. Save them sigils until 2nd rider comes out.


When will that be anyway? My sigils are burning a hole in my phone…


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