Avyx vs Necryx - level by level

Hey everyone, no one has really called this out, but with the new season dragons, they’ll generally LAG previous seasons (plus cost more XP - which I’ve posted in another thread) until they are close to expert. This will REALLY SUCK for someone like me who still has a ways to go. Illustrating this using Necryx and Avyx.

Player level Level Nec Level Avyx AP Nec AP Avyx
31 3 3 23,504 28,958
49 7 6 77,723 62,985
63 8 7 133,071 113,471
77 11 10 190,664 157,158
84 16 17 592,013 1,038,133
96 18 29 1,122,845 1,466,888
108 20 22 1,510,046 1,972,653
120 22 24 1,932,930 2,652,892
132 28 26 3,763,165 3,479,258
137 30 29 4,584,981 4,239,073
146 33 32 6,166,247 5,701,042
154 37 34 9,153,469 7,297,545
162 40 37 12,310,051 9,814,178
178 45 44 20,170,982 18,649,207
190 50 47 44,450,425 26,350,272
226 51 51 50,072,261 50,072,261
275 55 55 88,104,753 88,104,753

As you can see, Avyx is great at low levels, up until player level ~120 as it will be better than Nec. After that, it will seriously lag Nec until player level 226 when you can get both at level 51! At level 190, Avyx will be almost 20M attack power behind Nec… :man_facepalming:


Thank you, that’s very interesting, I always wondered about the differences between seasons and evolution by level, it’s great to see two of the latest season in such a direct way :wink:

A better comparison would be of each dragon tier as well as what you have provided.

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DivineStrike has a point. This season, the requirements changed and can’t be directly compared, so it’ll be the third set of requirements (Fall 2016, other seasons between that and current, this one).

Avyx vs Necryx @ Garnet Evo
8,891,275 vs 8,712,353

Avyx vs Necryx @ Emerald Evo
21,627,242 vs 21,192,167

Avyx vs Necryx @ Obsidian Evo
50,072,261 vs 50,072,261

Avyx also experts at 60 (ends with 129,871,499) vs Necryx’s 55.


I love that you guys are ignoring their stats at Expert where Avyx destroys Nec…

To be fair, for most that will take a long time. That said I chose spindra over necryx

At their respective evolve points I agree they are roughly equal. However the point I was trying to make is that they evolve at vastly different player levels - which impacts gameplay much more directly.

This season’s divines distribute the level requirements more evenly instead of using the old system of having massive power jumps at specific break points, though, which I can’t say that I entirely mind. People will just need to rely more on actual flying instead of just sheer power carrying them. :see_no_evil:

It does put those who only started having later evolve stones in this season at a bit of a disadvantage vs others, though, but it’s better that it happens now than continue to be a problem.


but but but I NEED that POWER!!! :cry:

I just feel sorry for Avyx - sitting there capped next to Necryx with over 20% power differential. He’ll feel inadequate…

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Avyx at least has Talon Frenzy… vs Gladicus and I don’t know what :see_no_evil:

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Avyx can join the dudes group I run at my school. Everyone’s got a Necryx sitting next to them that makes em feel inadequate :face_with_head_bandage: he’ll fit right in


Nah, the comparative progression is goofy from levels 33-83, i.e. where new players spend most of their first season. Winter divines generally lag behind a level vs. fall divines, which is a fairly big deal because it means they get their crucial third spell 7 levels later. Conversely, the power spike at level 84 for winter divines is even sillier than fall’s. (You go from level 10 at 83 to level 17 at 84.)

As far as the overaching point about attack/hp goes, it seems worth noting that every winter divine except Kirin has a steroid skill that increases their effective attack power significantly above the rated value. They’ve all got good resists, too.

I’d say it’s a good change, at least for my part of the curve. Divines are overpowered at low levels, so slightly scaling back their power progression is a step in the right direction.

I generally agree but at sapphire level they should be able to be capped at the same level you can max lineage dragons

Good find.
I realized the same thing since my Necryx is maxed at Emerald Tier with a lvl40 Den but Avyx suddenly required a higher Den level.
I didn‘t post about it because I‘ll be over lvl226 anyway when I upgrade my Den next fort so both dragons should be quite equal in strength.

But for lvl190-220s it‘s really looking like a bad deal with Avyx.

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