Avyx vs necryx?

For players who have both, do you find yourself prefering one over the other in wars? I’ve been watching the thread of equestor vs avyx and while the hunter would win between the two for wars im wondering if his value is lost as a war lead when compared with necryx. I already have necryx and grogg amd made it to the end of both lines so I’m curious whether equestor would perform as well as avyx in scenarios outside of war given that I have been claiming equestors line or whether it would be better to stop my progress with equestor and instead push avyx line to the end. If the topic is unclear, I’m looking for opinions and feedback relative to necryx vs avyx to determine whether I even need avyx if necryx is the preferred war lead

I have both, however on different accounts ATM. I like necryx for setting up bases…he’s KING at that. Coz I don’t have hau or Noctua yet :eyes:. Avyx finishes setups like a monster. Avyx is really nice but not for a lead in war.

Avyx is useless unless they change the spell to white then he would be a good Dragon

Not true…

Or not.

Can’t really compare, necryx is a lead, avyx a wing.

But avyx generally better than necryx against defended bases. Havent seen a necryx get very far on my base defended. Tends to oom and die. Maybe lock down a blue mage and one max two other towers.

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I’ll let you know if I can ever max her mythic rune.

Rune dust, please sir can I have some more?


two different tipe of Hunter, i think that the right answer is Necryx + Avyx, really a nice combo! Necryx to lock and Avyx to clean.


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