Axi has taken chunks crown

I say the rematch will happen by week 9 and the poll closes at the end of the season I was flabbergasted that chunk lost in the polls but like all title fights the next one will consist of Axi and chunk and people give names of who you want to compete for the title

Why did you feel this needed to be a separate topic instead of just posting it in the already existing topic that you created about it?

Also 18-21 voters doesn’t exactly mean anything


This thread will be the same used when week 9 comes title will change it’s so it does not get confused with the first

I hope the ppl who vote on this aren’t the ppl pg listen to for game ideas


Or you could keep it all in one thread instead of cluttering the forums with multiple topics about the same thing. I dont really think we need threads talking about other threads when that thread is still open

Why would you create a topic 6 weeks early? Saying you’re going to eventually change the titled kind of proves this topic wasnt needed.
Lets not treat the forums like it’s our own personal social media page


You upset chunk lost?

Uhhhh, I think the chunk obsession is about as dumb as krelos


Ok @mods you can close this thread :yarn::thread::yarn: :thread::yarn::thread::yarn: :thread: