Back after going astray (Ask for Breeding Advice)

After looking Sapphire(and above) breeding matrix, which is really straight forward (no early cheap eggs, etc.), I’m planning to follow one of Red’s Guide.
I’m at Whale + Chtho.
However, due to my inability to make Chtho ready in time, I’ll go astray for a bit, and will return with Rizar, Vulcan, Kelvin, Kaiju, and (possibly) Quetz (since I need point progress to get more sigils).
Among Icicle 1, and the rest of AA path, which is the most comfortable path?
I want Hau earlier, so Icicle 4 is crossed out

Icicle 1 is the one Red recommends as the best speed/strength balance, so I’d go with that.

I don’t think you need Chtho for any breeds on Red’s path though? Consurgens is used once but can easily be replaced with Whale in the same combo there (Whale + Ferrox gives Mune at the same price these days).

Ps. I’m looking at:

I moved to Whale Chtho earlier since my Ettin wasn’t ready at the time (Yersinu needs Ettin, and I need Point).
I planned to have Mune, Nosfer, and Cerbero next.

I get that, but you can still do:

Whale + Bronze = Ferrox
Whale + Ferrox = Mune
etc and just stick to Red’s Path. why would you go astray?

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I’ve actually been working on adding more Gold-Plat (and soon Orange to Green) paths to what I’m now calling my Master Paths so everything can be housed in one place. You can check those Gold-Plat paths out here:

Once you get 4/5 Platinum Legendaries (not Quetz) you can pick any Sapphire path you like. I would recommend Icicle 1 simply because it balances roster strength, cost, and builders hut eggs relatively well. The A&A paths are stronger and personally my favorite, but they are much slower with builders eggs.


That is what I did…

No Cons needed :grin:.

I have had Ferrox already. That’s why I said I’ll breed Ferrox.
Oops. I misses something. Seems I can follow it directly, though I’ll have Mune at more expensive cost

I’m reading that at the moment.
I like AA path too, but still wonder which path is friendlier for F2P player (no elites, saving speedups for stuff, etc.)
Note that I’m not used to instant hatch more than 2 legendaries during breeding, and the fastest time for me to hatch those eggs is next fort

I will be adding some more and tweaking - my Gold-Plat paths aren’t done yet.

@OrcaFrost do you find yourself flying mostly divine dragons, or a mix? Do you mind if I also ask how fast you typically level?

You sure about that? Any non-backbreed for mune costs the same 31.2k or 32k with updated breeding cost. You may be looking at an outdated breeding plan.
You can double-check your plans at to ensure the costs are correct.

Mostly divine, though I still used lineage dragon sometimes. However, due to power gaps (has Avyx at lv 17), I’ll depends on divine a lot.

My average speed is if I have an epic ready by the end of breeding (hatched), I’ll have it breedable at the next breeding.

Whale Chtho 2 has it’s cost under 5k
-edit. Fix costs-

If you like your divines, Icicle 4 is a good option for free players but it’s really weak and thus a little demoralizing when what you breed isn’t worth flying.

Ah yes, as a backbreed.

Total cost is still the same as Whale/Cons 3 though, and Chtho 2 requires you to level 4 extra legendary dragons to breeding. So if getting Ettin leveled was an issue, I don’t think you’d want to level Urd, Nix, Hugin and Sek as well, in addition to leveling the platinums.

Er, any slightly worse path with better dragon Red? (slightly getting naughty)

Thanks for the advice Red.
I guess I’ll pick this path.
Another thing. If I followed this path, supposed that I’ll need some eggs for research, Is it a much waste if I take time to have Necura’s cheap eggs? (Is there any xp research with plat eggs?, I forget. And plat eggs can be used starting from lv 76)

I have Ettin breedable some time after the breeding ends (:tired_face:). By that time, Caladbolg had finished, and Firactus was following.
Urd and Nix had been completed at that time, and I haven’t got Hugin yet.

Unless you finished unlocking the main path for gold research you won’t be able to use your platinum eggs for research. I dont think a cheap breeding guide exists that produces enough gold eggs to get to platinum.

During last few breedings, when I bred Caladbolg and Firactus, I also bred Lumen, Ferrox, and Basileus. I spent some tokens to get gold eggs from Lumen and Ferrox (the first one is just to get enough gold eggs for builder hut, and the second one is to spend leftover tokens from Whale for research specifically.)

Seems I missed again (since Red’s gold - plat doesn’t mention the obtained eggs). Cryzan and Necura gives enough eggs for builder.

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