Back button for forum

Hey guys, i was just wondering how hard it would be to add a “back” button to the forum. It gets a bit tedious having to go all the way to the main page after reading a post. I would like to be able to read a post, then hit “back” and move on to the next post in that category. Just a suggestion. Thnks


“u” on the keyboard. Not sure if there is a proper one hiding somewhere.

AGree it would be very handy.
But how do you press ‘u’ on an iPhone?

Small bluetooth kb glued to the back of it? :rofl:

Browser back button works for me. Also I just use the menu and goto the same section, it’s always been quick for me.

Is this in reference to viewing the forums from within the game? It seems like there are no navigation controls for the in-game browser. A back button would be handy there.


great idea! i was also searching for such a button and wondering wether i am too stupid to find him or there isnt one. :see_no_evil:

Yes, this is about viewing the forums while in game. Yes, i know you can go to the menu each time and start at the beginning but a back button would make forum navigation much quicker and easier. Just a suggestion.:smiley:

Ahh, there are a number of aspects I hate when accessing it from within the game.

I wonder if they couldn’t just add browser buttons to the bar at the top when opening the forums in game.

Personally I use the forums on safari on my phone, and aside from terrible touchscreen-autocorrect, it works fantastic there. Discord is so much better than the last forums.

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