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We need a back button to the last place you were in forums instead of haveing to go back to the lists

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Like that? :thinking:

It is not there if you browse the forums in game

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Perhaps it’s good to post the suggestion in

And this is one MAJOR reason I don’t access the forums from in game. (Taking advantage of my iPad Pro’s multitasking capabilities to have a browser window of Safari with the forums open in that app doesn’t really count in my opinion.)

Plus not being able to actually do runs is another real downer…

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Oh :man_shrugging:

I do access in game occasionally. Like today when when I was grinding tokens all day and needed a break. :sweat_smile:

But a back button in game would be nice. That is something I’m sure PG can add as part of the in game browser.

I like multitasking better :joy: Back buttons are nice. Plus I can also look at @Sandberg’s amazing fantastic site if need be :upside_down_face:


This is why I primarily access the forums on my laptop, so much easier to multitask

To my knowledge, not positive that we would be able to add anything to the forums in game as the site is still controlled by Discourse.


:astonished: people do that? Why on earth would anyone go through all the hassle of loading the game and going through a bunch of menu’s to look at a crappified version of the forums?


Well if you need to remain in game and don’t have a second device or one with splitscreen capabilities your options are kinda limited :woman_shrugging:t2:

What about up on the brown bar at the top of the window? That seems PG controlled, and could just simulate a browser back button.

Yes, people do that. It’s not like I login to the game just to go on the forums. Most of the time I use my laptop or Safari on my iPhone. But if I’m already in game sometimes I’ll login to the forums for a minute to check on something, like when the freaking update will be available. :joy:

And the forum looks the same in game as it does in Safari, so it’s not some “crappified version”. There is just no back button in the in game browser.

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