Back caméra on iPad


I have a graphics question.

I play on the tablet and the back of the camera is less than on the phone.

Is there a command to be able to see the island with a little more hindsight?

Thank you

Anyone know what she’s asking? Is she asking if she can zoom out more on her base with the iPad? Or is she actually talking about the physical camera of her iPad?

I think she’s talking about the physical camera and if there’s a way to use it to zoom out more… and the answer is no, lol. :t_rex:

Sometimes I wish I could zoom out even more than the game will let me on my iPad. The screen is big enough that being able to zoom out even more would be beneficial.

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Me too! I have no iPad but zooming out more would be great, especially when defending. More towers to see = more time to prepare. :t_rex:

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The aspect is different on the iPad vs the iPhone too

Thank you, thé screen is very big on iPad that’s why i asking.

I believe she is saying the available view on an iPad is significant smaller than on a phone, even though the iPad has a bigger screen. (e.g. you can’t hit some monuments on Atlas on the iPad vs phone).

I would agree that this sucks but I believe we are stuck with those particular aspect ratios.

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