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LFT – 396 GogoDr4gon – Gold2’ to any very active team`


Language: English +
Time Zone: +10 Australia
Played time: 2 yrs
Age Range: 30+
Elite Account?: yes,
Dragon Roster Includes: pathox, surt, ronin, Namaka
Highest Lineage Dragon: 2 empyrian eggs ready to hatch once reached 400

Quit some months ago, now deciding to come back to the game. Normally very active in the forum and the game, several login times during the day. Looking for a team who does 8/8 team achievement rewards and lvl 10 quest.
Solid base, max elite gears.
Atlas: love it. I will activate atlas elite tomorrow. This used to be mandatory for me. all silver primachs, s2 on seiger and destroyer. Glory swap and castle guard raids preferred.
Priority: to progress as quickly as I can with the help of resources from a good solid team, in return I will contribute my activity in all events including atlas.

You should check out ZenWarriors! S3, very active and competitive team in main game events and atlas. We check all those boxes, and some! We’re proud to fight amongst super nerds, forum regulars, spreadsheet gurus, master lurkers, and complainers with no complaint department. Must have a sense of humor, though as we also have a master of puns. :joy: Forgot to mention, our fearless leader is also Aussy and have several of your countrymen and women as well. :heart_eyes:

For reference and a bit of a feel of what it’s like to be “Zen”, here’s a link to our recruitment post: LFM - Sapphire 3 - ZenWarriors. Oh, wait! You’ve already seen it!! :joy: :rofl: Check us out in game! Good luck in your search!

We have room here at CelticWarHeros And we are Very Active.

We are Looking for Active Players that complete 7​:fire: in their War attacks and Defend as many attacks as possible, Players must complete Daily Quest per Event day, Participation points in All Events, both Atlas & Main game events.:four_leaf_clover:

Which Means Mandatory:
-Events & Quest
-Atlas & Events
{Event’s are 100% Mandatory}
{Quest in Events/Atlas Mandatory!!}
{Event Quest must complete 5 Chest-240points}
{Atlas Events must complete 20k in points}

Check out R3b3lDragons S2 very active in atlas… still nailing down getting max prize every pvp but we’re getting there lol… lots of fun and plenty of killing to be done … mail me for further information

Check us out, we currently have 2 spots available.

Found a team.
Thank you for those who reply :heartbeat:

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