Backward Research

Hi PG,

What about „backward“ research in the Research Hall? Once there is a connection line it should also be possible to choose a „behind“ research item. That would be nice!



It would be nice but they dont want us avoiding those terrible and expensive researchs like earth flak atk just to get mage hp

@PGGalileo this is what I really want too. I can drop down the specifics here. Trust me this will be a good QOL change:)


The player can only roll back leaf nodes( Finished research tiles that are at the end of each players research tree/branch).

All eggs(that were spent on the tile reverted*)will be refunded so player can choose another research tile.

I feel like there is another thread similar to this but I don’t know the name :see_no_evil:
If there is another similar thread can @moderators merge them?

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Personally I think the tree idea needs a complete overhaul.

The tree was pre-gear and at a time when there were limited dragons and spells. It makes zero sense that players cannot sculpt research based on their personal choices and needs and items that have zero influence must be chosen to reach research that does.

Theoretically research of one items develops skills that are needed to research the next item.
The current state of the research trees are a mismatched jumble imo. What does learning electroflak research have to do with researching +1 ammo?

Get rid of the tree altogether and have a “school” for researching defensive skills and one for researching offensive skills.

Inside each “school” set up different programs of research, i.e. hunter, sorcerer, warrior, invoker, resistance, aoe spells, etc. and for defensive maybe projectiles, flaks, mages, resource, construction (no reason that each tier couldn’t have a 1% rearch option) etc. At each tier set a required number of skills to be researched before the next tier becomes available, these would be independent of each other so players can pick and choose what benefits them the most and as their requirements change they can move back to older tiered research if they want.

Anyway my two cents.


Yeah it’s my thread You are probably thinking about and I believe it was @SirYoYo that mentioned backwards researching