Bad start Spring season


@PGEggToken @PGCrisis is there a way you can fix this problem? Sigil are being lost due to this glitch. Not sure what is happening but we can’t claim your half priced dragon

It says it’s obsidian. I thought it was harbinger tier dragon… also stops resets after you claim dragon but any sigil claimed after trying Does Not count

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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this. But please fix this. I opened gold chests and only to realize my stuff earned aren’t counting.


I finished first page, lvled dragon a few lvls, open a bunch new chests, had to restart, then all was gone. Now i cant login.
Hope its fixed when this server updating is complete


I am even lost rubies and I will request a refund for my rubies if I don’t get them back


Same this is bullshit from PG’s end.


My points have stopped registering after I hit the 533k mark … I did the egg tree first haven’t really started the dragon yet so idk if any issues


I cant even get past the portrait😂


Same issue with gold chests and not being able to claim things like double egg token bonus and half priced dragon. Also didn’t receive any of the items I was able to claim from the bonus token branch but my sigils were spent

As per usual...Another bug
Cannot claim past portrait
Not receiving prizes for sigils spent

So apparently I wasted 60+ gold chests and 53k rubies all gone into thin air! Like really?


Can’t even enter the game. Server update message.


Yup, and now I can’t even log on to the game and we have 2 wars starting in 40 mins


Created a ticket. I’m not getting points for the event as well… :frowning:

Some of potions came back after being used. But sigils got spent rolled back. I’m gonna wait for an hour or so for replies before playing.


Moving home from another thread to here. Let us have it please.


Just saying but PG owe us some major compensation for this’s shit show.


Same, and I’ve hatched air twice and we have 2 wars starting soon. Way to go PG


Ironic how no pg employee is in sight :joy:


I’m also locked out of the game… have a lot of food to grind, and time is everything


Disappearing food packs too. FML


Same lol


Yeah, it’s not like it’s a critical time. New season, half price dragon, food getting raided, wars starting, blah blah blah. Not happy.