Bad start Spring season


They owe us a lot.
Not just omg were sorry have 300 egg tokens… strong text


Oh good, I’m glad that it’s not just me. I’m a bit, shall we say, …irritated. Fortunately, I haven’t spent any rubies or opened any gold chests, but I’ve been stuck on the portrait. Now the game has locked me out entirely. This is exceptionally not cool.


Great start. :upside_down_face:


On my end it is the 100% egg token bonus I can claim again and again. It is simply not staying at status „claimed“. Also egg token missions not working. I finished them, restart the game and then I am back to egg token missions not finished.
Also I had to reclaim some other event prizes again and again.
And no, this is not a local issue. I have even reinstalled the game but still experience this issue…!


I have obtained the same dragon :dragon: 4 times


Idk how the management will cover this issue but I dont even know what my loss is!?
This event started with an epic failure!!


I fed like around 5m food alr, score still 111k points. Lol


Same here wtf is going on??


This thread is a nightmare. I cant even tell what issue is being discussed. Other than in general people are having difficulties. But what else is new.

Is there a specific problem that everyone is having the same problem?


Same here sigh

But last reward keeps resetting


The game isn’t keeping track of any points earned, and some people are being locked out entirely (myself included). So, people will open gold chests, spend rubies, feed dragons…and none of it registers point-wise. It’s like the message isn’t making it all the way to the server.


We do not want a shitty here’s 1 12 hour timer and 300 egg tokens pack either.
Egg tokens
And xp potions


same here… :roll_eyes:


What is being done about players not being able to get in the game? And I mean its only SOME players!!


Someone tell the PG staff to get off the stream and sort the shut show they made out.


Oh look they put it in a fancy handwriting font. Im glad someone took the time to make that change :roll_eyes:


I had -1,7k rubies on my account :neutral_face::roll_eyes:
So I bought the pack,and if took rubies away and then add it back

On my second account I can’t claim anything in season anymore-I can claim it endless times but after reloading it will be gone
I gave up and going sleep
This situation is too confusing :expressionless:


Keeps resetting and can’t log back in at all now.


I have the same on both accounts


Sleep well Dari. I cant even get in game now. Unfortunately its 6:52 pm for me and i cannot fall asleep. You’re lucky.