Bad start Spring season


I’m not even sure,that I get all rubies and prizes with all those delays


Sorry for the trouble, folks! We’re currently looking into this. We’ll update everyone shortly with our findings and the actions we’ll be taking/have taken.


Oh…2am and this season make me have headache,lol


Ty it’s bad


Same here I can’t claim my season prizes!


I have to ask do you do any testing on anything that you put out? It’s an embarrassment so far today you’ve broken the spells related to dragon HP and now the new season roll out.


I’m stuck at Prize 24, the second portrait, I’ve got 9k sigils, I just can’t claim it without it being reset after I exit the event tab. Not sure what’s going on, but I hope they fix it soon


What does the road map for a Quality Assurance step in this process look like? We’ve only been asking for this for a few years, so I know it’s pretty short notice. I’m just hoping it’s on the road map


I’m hoping for those of us that lost items will have them refunded at least. If we spent sigils and don’t get them back I’ll feel robbed :sweat:


Not to mentioned the people who spent rubies/opened gold chests.


Probably lose prizes and sigils if someone didn’t have taken a screenshot of where you were at. Like myself.


I did and even posted it above ^^ :grin:


They should have logs. How were we supposed to know that their events would be so fucked over?
Not our fault we opened stuff we earned and PG couldn’t keep their game running.


Thanks for your response. Is there a chance we can get some of the items spent so far? At least the important ones like the sigils, chests and xp potions?


53k rubies + 60+ gold chest… what measures will be taken to fix this? Not even counting the millions of rss lost.


Free gold chest for everyone! :expressionless:


Thanks DragonPunch.


just mehhhh
missing tokens timers sigils.
unbelievable, its embarassing.


What is this?


Every time I try and use sigils on the 50% off dragon it resets when I close the window :unamused: