Bad start Spring season


They say i cant log in, i left 0 food , ive been attacked 3 times. So I definitely have food to be worth attacking for!?


I have been having all of the same issues! Now everything is completely gone and reset, not happy at all. Pictures are not in the correct, time-stamped order


Same problem here. First my token boost line rewards were reset, then I got kicked, now it won’t let me in. Thanks for working to fix this @DragonPunch , appreciated.


Dropped food no points. My dragons didn’t even hold level now my account froze out of game. Just like those pics


@PGJared @DragonPunch
I haven’t got any response on my ticket yet. Created it almost 2 hours ago. Could you kindly help look into it please?


I also get the same login error. Terrible. I got some sigil b4 the game stopped working. Spent on some season rewards but it didn’t work. Also opened gold chests and didn’t receive what I opened after I checked . I would send a support ticket but I cant open the game


I’m back in the game now, should everything else be fixed? @PGJared


So once it let me back into the game I started collecting one season prize, hard closing the game, getting back in. So far it is keeping my progress.


Great way to start a season and event can’t even get on


We received quite a few (multiple thousand) tickets in the last hour or so. It’s going to take a minute to get them all responded to.


I don’t know why this would surprise any player that has been playing this game for longer than a month. This is on the first page of the PG SOP manual.


Also had issues. I assume the PG team is trying their best to fix it and there’s nothing for us players to do but be patient.

I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly happened. It looks like the weird behavior we’re experiencing might be the result of a partial server rollback, whereby initially the seasonal claims were costing fewer sigils than intended, and the resolution was a rollback on all such seasonal claims and the associated sigils. That seems okay in itself, but the results of opening any chests weren’t also rolled back. This seems bad, because people were making spending decisions (opening gold chests or buying them with gems) based on an apparent prize cost. E.g.: open two lines of ten gold chests, “wow this got me really far in the hunter’s branch! I’ll buy some more!” I.e., purchases made are made based on incorrect representations of value obtained.

This is messy, and leaving things as they are seems bad. Could we just get a global rollback on all seasonal claims and chests opened since midnight PST today? That seems like the simplest and least unfair resolution that doesn’t involve just giving free stuff to everyone who got misled. (Although I wouldn’t object to free stuff.)


I’ll be waiting never got chance to file a ticket since game just says updating servers


I’m not sure that whether it has something to do with feeding event as starting event for new season. Can traffic created by lot of online players in first hour for obvious reason may trip these game servers?


So it sounds like most every issue occurred after trying to claim prizes. It’s the start of a brand new season so I understand everyone wanting the newest shiniest thing but you haven’t even seen any of these dragons fly. Just wait for a day or 2 and the glitches will be fixed, you’ll be able to see the dragons in action and make a more educated decision. Also don’t open chests during feeding event.


Finally able to log back in and this is all I have/rest of sigils gone. Thanks a lot… :pensive:


Hi all!

While I was streaming and the season went live, our team was made aware of these rollback issues, and are on the case to get a fix set up and ready to push live! I’m sorry this wasn’t the smoothest event and season launch that could have happened; we know a rollback experience can be frustrating at the start of the season.

We’ll be releasing a server-delivered fix as soon as possible (I don’t have an exact timeframe since I just finished streaming, but I know it is our team’s highest priority). Keep an eye out from some PG folks for further updates on the Forums today.


also DONT BUY FOOD BOOSTER, i repeat DONT BUY… it didnt work, like they did it last Fortification even with lumber booster and yeph there is no Explanation about this.


Do we have to complete a update from the play store when it is completed?


Anyone else chat broken?? I logged back in to see if they fixed other issues and no chats at all