Bad start Spring season


Two words - token boost

I’m not interested in the new dragons yet but the boost is a necessity. Also, some people like opening chests during feed event. Usually gives decent token payout but less of other desireables


Are you just not seeing any conversations, or is the chat window gone?


Sorry, I’m not following. Complete an update after the update is completed? Could you please be more specific?


Install a new update or a quick game fix?


The chat window was there but everything was blank… it’s fixed now tho thanks :dragon_face::dragon_face:


Token boost is a semi legit reason to spend in this first week. But next week will probably be breeding so we all get the token boost. Personally I think it’s better to miss a week of token boosts and get farther on the half price dragon for th rewards if nothing else.

And again just personal opinion but I feel like feeding is one of the worst events to open chests in unless you are looking for food packs.


I believe he’s asking if we’ll need to update in the App Store for the fix or if it’ll be pushed directly to game.


Thanks for the update, @PGCrisis ! Can you say anything about what the intended functionality of the fix will be? The fairest, simplest thing seems like it’d be a rollback of all chests opened today, too, since we were getting incorrect information about what we were getting for those chests.


I hope we can expect an apology gift, I know I lost allot of sigil from the roll backs


Apology gift will be 1 gold chest and 50 sigils.


Same. It’s unfortunate I’m not expecting to get nearly what I’ve lost.


@PGJared @PGCrisis
Thank you for the updates. Any idea what would be rolled back? Please roll back the chests opened as well.


This will be a quick game, or server-delivered, fix! You will not need to update the game through the App or Google Play Stores to get these fixes to your account.

I honestly don’t know, but my best guess is that your account was rolling back to a time prior to obtaining sigils / purchasing packs / whatever activity you may have been doing. As far as I’m aware, a fix has already gone live for the rollback issue, so starting now the game should not roll you back based on any activity you do. (I’m sorry I can’t be more detailed here, I’m not sure how the backend of this functions, so I don’t want to say anything that is untrue based on my lack of knowledge!)


So you’re saying now it is safe to claim seasonal prizes without the worry of being rolled back/losing sigils and/or prizes? :grin:


Theoretically, yes! The team let me know that a fix has already gone live for the rollback issues. Just be sure you hard reset your game (close out AND clear it from running in the background) and you should be good to go. :slight_smile:


Sweet, thanks for jumping on this issue, PG staff :metal:t2:


So we lose everything we used sigils, rubies and chests?


My rollback issue has been fixed :+1:t3::+1:t3: However my points issue hasn’t been :pensive::pensive:


If you used sigils to obtain prizes or bought packs during this time, there is a chance that they were rolled back along with the rest of your game state. If this occurred, please send in a ticket to our support team (if you bought packs within this time, please include the receipts of your purchase) so they can properly credit you! You most certainly deserve the currency that you rightfully obtained.


Thanks for clarifying. So, it looks like this fix is going to leave me with about 30k rubies less than was at the time of the rollback, and substantially fewer rewards. Here’s what happened, I think:

Basically, I’d like a rollback for my chests and rubies, since I spent them under the impression that I was getting more for them. Will this be possible?