Bad start Spring season


@PGJared @PGCrisis
My ticket is being closed with a generic “points not counting issue is fixed” response. The lost sigils are not being addressed at all. Should I created another ticket for this? What about the purchases I did and the chests I lost that got rolled back?

Could you tell me what I can do now?


I still haven’t gotten my sigils, or the chests I claimed to get the sigils for the season prizes, so far support seems unwilling to help, they claim I haven’t lost anything and that I was simply rolled back… however if that were true I would have 80 or so chests I had opened, but instead I have no chests and no sigils and only 2 of hte prizes I claimed. Can you help?



We the same problem, before showed that message i have 84K egg token. But when i’m log in again my egg token is lost


I’m already send ticket in-game


Just as I suspected, lost about 2200 sigil, and everyone in the game whether or not they had an issue gets 225

Just another slap in the face from PG that will never be resolved, but seeing as how I can’t put the game down who gives a :poop:


No response yet. But I’m sure they are trying to figure out a way to return some of the sigils that were lost.


@PGJared @PGCrisis none of our issues regarding lost items have been resolved… what are your plan to help us recover them?


Probably along the lines of sorry we have no way to verify you lost the items. We’ll be issuing a apology gift.


So I got a canned response from support saying after extensive investigation we’ve determined no players lost items it was just a rollback. Good job PG :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:.


Every player we’ve reviewed so far hasn’t lost items and has instead been rolled back. For example:

Player opens 10 chests and receives items. Player is then rolled back so they no longer have the items but now have the chests. It’s as if they never opened the chests in the first place. Technically nothing is missing.

If something is materially missing (as in not rolled back) please post your ticket number here and I’ll review a couple of them in the morning to see what’s up.


I never got back my chests. Have posted the count of the chests, where I got them from and how many sigils I spent. Hope this helps a bit.
@PGJared I completely understand that this might be frustrating and I do appreciate you looking into the tickets. Let me know if from my side I can provide any additional info to ease the investigation.


:thinking: actually I got the canned ‘investigation shows everything was credited to your account. You received X number of sigils and they were credited to you at X time…’

I pointed out that they hadn’t been with photo’s, thankfully I hadn’t tried to do anything else so I could show I didn’t have the sigils, and hadn’t claimed the prizes in the season since they can’t be used for anything else.

Not sure I can prove it one way or the other with the other stuff. Maybe it was just the sigils that disappeared. But support did admit that ‘further investigation shows…’ and gave me the sigils.

The above is only to point out that not ‘every player’ you guys have reviewed was just a rollback. Some of us did ‘loose stuff’.

Although in my case at least persistence paid off.


Thank you for the ticket number. I’m having someone on my team do an audit right now since it’s midnight and I need to pass out. I will review the audit in the morning so it’ll be triple-checked.

Every player I’d been made aware of. My apologies. It’s going to be impossible for us to double-check every single person who sent in a ticket, but if we can establish a solid pattern of missing items we may be able to do something programmatically.


That’s ok, at least from my perspective. I at least received a response. It’s the first time I’ve been reasonably happy with Support since Joe left. No offence intended.


So I opened nearly 30 gold chests, lost my rubies. And got everything from them but the sigils I earned? I had nearly 1000 :sob:
Please look into it for me.
Edit: ticket number is 1052635


Did you get the chests back though?


Nope. Or the rubies, and I claimed the 30 chest bonus which was 225 sigils, never got them.


#1049752 my issue is though it was acknowledged that points weren’t credited and yes now they are counting I was never credited with the points I lost out on…


#1052922 opened chests and got to around 3k sigils. Got booted out while claiming the hunter line losing both sigils and gold chests.


@PGJared can you check my ticket please, 1053589, lost eggs and timers in the rollbacks but never got mu gold chests or rubies back, opened at least 13-15 golds and spent 8k rubies on more: the response i got to my ticket was about event points not adding, i didnt have that issue much, but the items are more important. thanks