Bad start Spring season


That’s the user’s default font on their phone, not PG.


I was just told to re start my game then the guy didn’t and still hasn’t replied :joy::tired_face:


My question and I’m sure many others have the same question, for those of us that had issues, roll backs, not being able to log in for an hour, etc, will there be some kind of game wide apology gift as there has in the past? Just wondering…


Mine too!


if all people here are experiencing the issue, then we can guess that their ticket number might be around 1k+.

It will take awhile for them to respond.


I am one of the players that got rolled back but never received my thirty gold chests and 150 bronze chests back. Is this being addressed? Because I received a response that said I was rolled back and I got everything back but I didn’t.


not everything is rolled back. Most likely the item you obtained from that was credited, but other actions like claiming the event rewards was rolled back.

You may ask specifically what was rolled back to be sure.


Well I added up the sigils I claimed from prizes plus what I received from my chests and I’m short about 1k sigils and received no chests back. So I am unsure what precisely happened. All the other prizes seem fine, just the sigils got messed up. Ticket #1052722


Wow, good thing I didn’t open any gold chests or claimed any prizes with sigils…Can you please confirm if it is now safe to do so?


they said it should be okay.

This is why I don’t do anything when the event just started. A lot of people will open and claim stuff which would overload the server.

Since it’s a feeding event, I will only have issue with taking food, but for getting the dragon as soon as possible? nope, can’t waste time stressing it and just went and play another game.


I just wanted my token boost as soon as possible. More fool me I should have known better


token boost takes 24 hours to activate. it hasn’t been 24 hours since the event started.


They gave us each a 225 sigil as a ‘Welcome to Springveil Season’.

I doubt we will get more than that.


Hasn’t happened with me at all


It generally starts when your multipliers for xp refresh so it would be available today if you got it last night.


it’s 24 hours after claiming the boost.

If you claimed it at 6:23 PM PST yesterday, then it will activate at 6:23 PM Today.


Last time i got it at refresh maybe that was a glitch


a lucky glitch or you claimed it during a refresh


nah I just meant opening chests right away I know about the 24 hour thing. Now I don’t have it at all as they took my chests AND my sigils


Same here I lost about 1000 sogils