Bad start Spring season


@PGJared I’m ticket 1054713. I opened chests, spent gems, got past garnet, used the rune dust to max out a mythic rune from last season, put the egg in the incubator, got rolled back to 6th or 7th event claim, with slightly more sigils than were required to finish the gold stone claim.


Lost 1400 sigils and didn’t get chests back either. Have sent a ticket, but no reply yet (they are probably busy). Is it possible to get compensation?


It’s not exactly 24hrs. People say 24hrs just to give it enough time to propogate to the server.


Total shambles I’ve lost food sigils and now atlas doesn’t work I hate atlas at the best of times now the game is pointless imo

Last 30 minutes before event everyone’s food went south and was delivered to team mates it blatantly wasn’t sent to but apparently it’s all correct :man_shrugging:t2:Go figure


So by the time I get my sigils back, the discount on the hunter is probably going to be over lol


Ticket #1052879
Had 64 gold chest
Turned in for about 4-5k in Sigils
Claimed first 4-5 prizes of 50% off dragon…then realized full price(even full price 100 each)
Then thought oh crap I gotta get all the egg token before I run out of Sigils…tried claiming first one…
Bam…no more Sigils…no more gold chest…
Support said I don’t loose anything, but I am confident I’m missing Sigils for sure
Not positive how much else I lost.


Same garbage they said to me and I know for a fact I lost sigils


… you don’t want Arelyna to be looking into coding. That’s not her job. There are more than just 2 people working at PG.


We should give her a go at it
Jokes aside, is it Jared who works on bugs?



So is this resolved? Is it safe to start opening/claiming stuff now?


Yes :slight_smile:


In addition to that, we’ll be putting out a full report in a little bit for more information on everything that’s rolled out in the past 24 hours! :slight_smile:


You say you got 4 - 5k sigils from 64 gold chests?

That’s possible, but super unlikely. Hope u took screenies.


@pgjared @pgcrisis what about people that are actually missing things? Are we going to get a response anytime soon? Been waiting over 24 hours now.


We’ve now created a new thread that has a detailed report of the issues that rolled out! Please take a look on that thread for the latest information. :slight_smile:


It’s doable, I got 775 from 10 chests at some point


Got it fixed, thanks to the team for the quick resolve.


Yes that’s true.
I also claimed the egg token bonus more than 24 hrs ago, and I still did not get the extra tokens.
The be exact it was 08. March 1 am.


24 hours after claiming and it hasn’t activated, contact support about this.

Well, since their queue might be high, it will take quite a lot of time to get a respond.