Bad start Spring season


I have done this this morning.
They indeed replied, that it will take some time until they can respond.

just was curious if others have/had the same troubles.


I’m still missing about almost 40 rewards and the last reply I got blamed a sync error. But a sync error doesn’t give you more sigils only resets your progress as if you didn’t spend the sigils in the first place.


Me too, once. But to have that happen 6x in a row…I wonder what the actual odds would be. I’m thinking at least as rare as drawing a royal flush in poker.


Sync error gives back everything you have used. If you spent like 500 sigils and experienced a sync error, that 500 sigil will be given back and the season reward that you claimed will be unclaimed and ready to be claimed again.


I spent 6k+

the sigils weren’t returned.


Then this is what you experienced:

You need to contact them about that.


Support is just giving me the run around atm. I’ve been speaking to the same one and he says the same thing over and over. He’s like a broken record or an automated message.


Also, there has been cases on the past season where you are able to claim rewards without using sigils (one is an exploit and one is a bug which would cause a sync error after awhile)

Were you able to get 9850 sigils during the first few hours of the event? since your screenshot shows you claimed up to 48.

How many gold chest did you purchase and opened?
Event rewards doesn’t give that much unless you completed all individual and team quest which is equivalent to 4150 sigils (which is almost impossible to complete within a few hours unless you are a super whale, but that’ll only be for the individual rewards which is 2550)

You still have around 5700 sigils to get from bronze and gold chest.

Let’s say that you can get an average of 300 sigil per 10 gold chest, that’ll cost you 190 gold chest or 76,000 rubies.


Had the same issue as you, am getting the same response from support. It’s very frustrating.


Welcome to my story for every contact I’ve had with support.

Auto response, auto response, auto response, and tickets closed.


Fixed mine…thx!


I experienced same issue, and all I have got were days of can messages.
Lesson learned was that the only thing pg cannot rollback is the value pack u have spent!


I guess I’m lucky. I got a few sync errors but didn’t lose anything.


@PGJared I just bought 10 gold chests got some sigils and claimed some prizes. It reset then I lost the sigils and the gems. The support team won’t respond, only a few days left of half off aibrean. #1066476


I’d sincerely hope that the half off would be retroactive to anyone who lost stuff during this period then had it returned strong text


I had the same issue a few times before. What really happened…it displayed more sigils than you actually had. Then you claimed more than you were supposed to and the system resets. Resulting in what “looks like,” you lost sigils but in reality you didn’t lose anything :slight_smile:


I had about 50 sigils before I opened my 10 chests then after opening them I Got 450 sigils from the chests and proceeded to spend them in the season. Sync error no sigils no gems. I can assure this wasn’t the same circumstance. Edit: Opened the event screen before any of that happened. So I legitimately had 50 sigils before opening chests.


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