Balance Changes


Hi, my equestor’s boosted rage regen seems to have been nerfed significantly- was there a change that I’m unaware of? (also, Chimerak’s attack speed is still slow…)


Yes. Pgpulse said it was unintentional and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon


I’ve spent thousands of eggs and been waiting so long to get Donivalis, and I know it ends his branch… But’s divine dragon, now it’s just one of dozens of breeding branch :smirk:.


I disagree, i honestly dont believe there was an alteration at all…if there was then it was insignificant considering i could argue ive flown better since update with hunters. If insignificant enough where its possible to do better, to me, also means it would be impossible to verify that there was in fact a decrease in their ammo velocity.


Yeah not sure the runes are working very well since the changes, and yes Chim still needs to be fixed


PG also said they were going to fix equestors rage generation bonus from the familiar. Hope they do it soon, eqestor and chimerak are pretty much nerfed right now!


Leos runes don’t seem to be working either, not sure if it’s bc the passive pic hasn’t been changed back to the Lion, which would mean doesn’t match the rune anymore… anyway hope that gets fixed also, I’m liking him


My Leo passive ability still the star burn icon and not the lion head logos.


Yes, why now Leos shows Starburn instead of Lion’s rage ? The two spells are not the same, Lions rage is 60% attack boost while Startburn is only 35%. @PGJared - are you already nerfing Leos ? I accepted your explication about his runes not showing up the HP boost, but with this change I really think it is one change too much to be acceptable.

Before balance

After balance


Sage’s lethal barrier glyph may also be malfunctioning.


@PGMichael @PGPulse check please


Lol, wish we could get an answer for the above…


They did say they would fix chimerak and they mentioned equestor at least, who knows when they’ll actually get to it though.


Exactly when can we see chimerak attack doing 300 like before, since it’s been almost a week and still chimerak is too weak


Same. Donovalis is now just a turkey getting ready to be stuffed with food during feeding event. It used to be one of my five attackers. I always found a use for it between leos, drakius, necryx and anuba.


Eh? :rofl::rofl:


I have five attackers who are maxed, and five to twelve that don’t level but accumulate xp for feeding event.


At the same time I post here, I also opened a ticket with support. Here is their answer. Thank you Support !

It looks like a glitch, as the glitch Leos has with his runes. I hope PG will fix this glitch in the next update.


Its not Leos, but any dragon with runes in Leos line


My bad, yes, you are right. In fact it is about Pride Runes who don’t show the HP gain when put on any dragon. But as PG has shown in a video photo, the HP gain is there.