Balance Changes


i do hope they will make thunderstorm white and more dmg instead of 4%
hope PG reads me,after a email from someone explaining me red spell consequence i now understand why it would never work, we really need it white and increased power, i do admit i can learn to play it with rejuvenate but at least they will make her thunderstorm hits a bit more, hope so. red tower will break the spell thunderstorm in the rear end. so white and more damage would be nice as power back. thx for JennyD for explaining me the impact of thunderstorm red.


@PGPulse when can we expect the fix for chimerak, equestor, and Leos? You said you would fix it 4 days ago, but those 3 are all still nerfed.


One thing I’m annoyed with is the spells rearranging randomly. It’s a real pain in the ass when ya think cloak is somewhere where it’s not lol :unamused:


From what I understand, Leos is not nerfed, it is all about “cosmetic” problems: the Pride runes and Lion rage not showing infos (icon, boost numbers) as they should, but still the “mechanics” are there. I don’t know for the rest though.


Chimeraks attack speed was reduced from 300 to 95, so he’s definitely nerfed. Equestors rage generation boost from the familiar was reduced from 50% to 20%, so he’s certainly nerfed too. Not sure about Leos, but it’s been reported that his skill isn’t working properly too. PGPulse admitted these were unintentional changes, and said they would be fixed. That was 4 days ago however, so who knows.


@PGPulse Sage was good, was OK in some cases, but now completely useless… I had a hope that as a top dragon I’ll be fine with it, but:

  1. It could pass an Invader in atlas without boosts. Now it can’t even with boosts.
  2. Regular base. If defended it would be healed and sage does nothing. Earlier I could take out 1-3 towers and at least have some unsealed damage. If base is not defended Sage is still weak.

It was the last warrior in my roster that was good. It’s bad for event dragon, I believe…


Since rejuvenate is boosted that high, and some other uses Vampiric Touch instead of Rejuvenate, wouldn’t it be fair to boost Vampiric Touch as well?


Why? Vamp can already fill up the entire health bar.


Yeah, but even failed once, rejuvenate can be used once more, while failed vampiric needs to wait a bit more…
Perhaps reducing its cost…


Don’t fail then. Vamp gives rage back - it’s not supposed to be the same spell as rejuv - you use it very differently


Chimerak and Equestor both appear to be fixed now.

@TheRedDelilah regarding hunters, I’m not sure what you mean by time between tapping and firing… Are you talking about a warm up of some kind, or are you talking about the travel time of the dragon’s “projectile”?

I have not really noticed a difference personally, but that is not a good measure. I don’t think comparing videos is really a valid way to determine if there is a change or not. There are too many variables to control for.


I think it was more like a delay in the taps to the screen registering before the dragon actually fired the fireballs that are the hunter’s basic attack.


Hmm. I have had some issues with taps/swipes not registering… But it has affected all dragons and has been very inconsistent.

Might be something that needs to be looked at… But could just be lag or something else PG can’t control (maybe my screen is dirty… It’s not, just an example).


We are looking into the balances! I think Lightning Storm should be up tweaked a bit - Sage has suffered too much for getting a white spell.






Hey, here’s an idea that has never been suggested before… What if, God forbid, PG got some competent players (fliers and builders) involved in the decision making processes behind these BS updates?



Can’t like this enough. PG needs to have at least a couple of good flyers and high level bases in their team to witness what is breaking the game apart


Been suggested many times but no dice :man_shrugging:


:thinking: and here I was thinking that this was all just a mass hallucination…


/sarcasm on/

Wait… I thought that’s what the Faction was for?!?

Have I been duped all this time?!!? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

/sarcasm off/

It’s a good idea, so it won’t happen. Unless these “good flyers” pay PG for a chance to get on the ballot to get selected to then be weighted and finally “randomly” chosen. I could see that being acceptable to PG.