Balance Changes


Any feedback from PG regarding balance changes to towers? I hope they fix the AP of all towers after lvl 40 and not bring in new levels again. Lvl 60 towers are strong enough if corrected appropriately.


I agree Matty … having spent time money and rss to get these towers they need to make them work as they should have right from the start. Why build anything if they don’t fix what people already have built that doesn’t work.


Exactly! Why we still paying for a broken product?
Mayb it’s time to head back to PC games, anyone age of emps fan? No glitches! And runs very smoothly! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


AoE2 woot woot


New AoE coming end of feb :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:
That’s my cutoff date, gonna wait and see if PG makes any meaningful changes by then.
If they still insist on doing nothing, than I gotta say hasta la vista baby! See yous on Aoe :+1:


Anyone play that new Game of Thrones game yet? Just curious if any good. Competition?


I imagine it is like a choose your own adventure book, where you either see boobs or get decapitated. I would one-star that honestly.


Though I do like to support boobs and since I don’t have a neck the odds of decapitation are vastly reduced in my favor.



It’s like opening a Runic chest to get that Mythic Boobs Glyph with the Wisdom secondary effect that you’ve been waiting for… You might get it. Or you might get an epic poison resist rune. :sweat_smile:


The balance changes for towers are still being tested before they get implemented. Unfortunately, I don’t have more of an update other than that.


I would suggest asking CF to help in this test before another huge OOPS moment. Just my 2c. I hoped you guys would have learnt by now to get players to test stuff not engineers who don’t play this game…


I volunteer as tribute!!


Settle down Katniss :joy::joy:




It’s been a good 6 weeks since the rollback that didn’t roll anything back. This needs to be bumped up to P0. It’s a major balancing issue.



Love it. :smile:


The spell changes has been live for a while now. Sage’s thunderstorm has been changed to white to minimize the negative effect on him. However, i believe many many of us have forged thunderstorm when it was blue. I personally have about 250. Can we do something about them? For example, if we can swap them to anything thats worth the same time to forge of our choice. Thank you for your time.


I thought the Forge only made Heals and Timers.


2 jobs ago I worked at a place where this was a reality.

And P0 became what P1 was (surprise, surprise) and they wanted something higher than P0.

They created a P0 Urgent …


P0 Urgent. ROFL.