Balance Changes


I noticed Necryx under power now, which normally can solo nicely 312 base but now only 84% ;(


Well this change is a lil disappointing, my full roster can easily take down invader, some with a pinch of salt some needs heavy grease. Was quite disappointed that today only half of my roster can do that, includes obsidians. Is the change too drastic?


And the last update just wrecked me:
Now i can barely fly an invader (no obsidians yet, but I didn’t grow my base since first tower/dragon rebalance) I have to use three dragons instead of one now…
I understand that players with higher dragons need more exp. I only can suggest to change invader bases levels to make it a bit more affordable for players like me…
P.S. I wan t to downgrade my base for 20 levels now, I believe…((


Invader doesn’t give new xp caps, cue complaints.

Invader now gives new xp caps, cue complaints again.

Just be grateful even the dragons that can’t clear invader now gets more xp than before. Smh


I got bumped off a P0 recently to work on a more urgent issue, which I referred to as a P00. I was bumped off that for another urgent issue, which I called a P000.

If you want to pronounce those instead of calling them Pee Zero, Pee, Double Zero, etc… feel free. :wink:


Sounds like a bunch of p0000 to me. ::grin:


At least its not a couple of projects… P00 P00 :rofl::see_no_evil:


Yeah, I tried that. I was told no. So, now I have a whole bunch of red TS consumables. I guess they will just sit there. :man_shrugging:


The problem is not the XP, but getting gold for atlas now…))


You only mentioned xp in your post? :man_shrugging:


I used to play the older version of Ages of Empires …Played when it was first pvp then went away, played all the expansions on pc through including War Chiefs expansion. When it moved to Steam, I pretty much quit playing it. I loved the Age of Kings and is still my favorite to play on Human vs Computer. I may end up going back to it though.
I played Evony for the longest time as well until bots literally took over the game.
Played Heroes until they pulled the plug on it.


I just found this old quote. Do you realize that YOU started this 4.0 BS?!?!? :wink:


That was BEFORE I knew we were in opposite land!!!

My sincerest apologies. I have called PG, and they have taken my misunderstanding under advisement. They are checking to see if this misunderstanding is widespread and what effects it may or may not have had on sales. :rofl:


Maybe next time add in a #sarcasm so they know you weren’t being serious :joy::joy::joy: